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5 Projects from TusStar Malaysia advance into Final Round of China Entrepreneurship Competition

The China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 finals will be held online on 7 December. The competition aims to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship resources, assist innovation and entrepreneurship projects to connect with Shenyang high-tech industrial resources, and develop markets. This competition provides a full process and comprehensive overseas talent attraction landing service system, which comprehensively covers project recruitment, landing counseling, online matchmaking, visit to the city of Shenyang, local industry matchmaking, venture capital matchmaking, support policy matchmaking, industrial park matchmaking, etc., providing excellent overseas projects with full tracking and landing services. Five projects participated through TusStar (Malaysia) have successfully advanced to the final round. This includes projects from Malaysia, Italy, China and Germany.

CROSS BRODER ECOMMERCE 2.0 Project is an integrated platform between manufacturers, e- commerce service providers and end-users that provides the simplest way of the service chains with a one-stop solution.

We are focusing on the S.E.A e-commerce market to provide local shoppee shop management and S.E.A customer buying behavior accurate datas to China manufacturer/factory/branded companies to reduce the time and cost of R&D, to provide suitable products to satisfy consumers' needs.

Detection and remediation of heavy metal contamination in soil/solid waste (Kleen Soil)

Kleen Soil Incorporated is a spin-off from NUS Graduate Research Innovation Programme (GRIP), KleenSoil commits to provide sustainable and customized solid waste remediation solutions for construction, mining, environmental and waste management industries in the global market. The KleenSoil Ph.D. team’s strong technical know-hows and expertise creates the core of the technology in using proprietary and patented chemical additives for on-site treatment of heavy metal contamination in soil or solid waste, packaged with the provision of consulting services upon site assessment for their customers.

JoinPad Augmented Reality service for industry 4.0

JoinPad operates in the B2B Industrial Augmented Reality spac applied to maintenance, installation, training, inspection, and remote support services. BrainPad is the Augmented Reality platform for mobile devices and smart glasses built by JoinPad. It can easily recognize objects and contexts providing the right information to complete a worker's tasks. BrainPad enables on-field technicians to connect, share data, and receive support from remote experts in AR experience.

Infrared image depth processing and intelligent analysis technology and industrialization (红外图像深度处理与智能分析技术及产业化)

This project is an in-depth application of thermal imaging technology to detect the fine geometry and parameters of substances inside invisible tanks and pipes. After taking pictures of the measured objects with the hardware modified thermal imager and importing them into the processing and interpretation software developed by the project team, the professional processing can present the morphology of the stored materials inside the tanks and pipes, including important parameters such as distribution, stratification and volume. This is the first in-depth quantitative application of thermal imaging technology in industry after qualitative and simple quantification. We specialize in pixel recursive super-resolution technology: solve the problem of lack of pixels (low processing capacity of infrared chips) based on efficient sub-pixel convolutional neural network ESPC: extract target features directly on low resolution images and calculate to get high resolution images.

Urgrow: A fully automated, AI-backed, organic vertical farm for organic food - anywhere, anytime.

We have a solution that is unique to the sustainability, safety and scalability within the agritech industry. With this solution, we can change the way people produce and consume food. We provide the technology for the new economy in 2030 - today. We want to bring this solution to the biggest market with the highest new-technology-adoption-rate.

We have a natural, plant-specific combination of different soils, organic carrier materials and growth-promoting symbionts. It's like biodynamic farming in a digital environment. We combine this BioTech with a fully automated, AI-backed, organic vertical farm for organic food.

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