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ASEAN Company Jinan Entrepreneurship Journey: An Invitation by Inspur, BYD and Shandong University

Shandong is a large province in China with a population of over 100 million, and its annual GDP in 2022 exceeds 8 trillion yuan. Jinan Kinetic energy conversion starting area, located in the provincial capital, is a new strategic new zone at the national level. In order to implement the major national strategies of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin, and to help the starting area improve its openness to the outside world and promote international cooperation and exchanges, TusStar will organize the "ASESN company Jinan Entrepreneurship Journey".

Focusing on the five major fields of information technology, digital economy, new energy vehicles, advanced materials, and green technology, the event invites innovative and entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and representatives of chambers of commerce from Singapore, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries to embark on an innovative journey to Jinan, docking with the top enterprises and universities to realize mutual complementarity and win-win situation.

The event was organized by Jinan Xianxing Investment Group under the guidance of Management Committee of Jinan Start up Area, and co-organized by Jinan Xianxing Investment Property Operation Group, TusStar (Jinan - Starting Area) and TusStar (Asia Bridge).

Highlights of the event:

1. Visiting top enterprises and universities in Jinan

Visit BYD Co. Ltd (Jinan),"China's new energy vehicle leader"; Inspur, one of the world's largest providers of cloud servers; and Shandong University, a world-renowned university, to learn about the latest trends in science and technology and expand your global business network during the 3-day tour.

2. Exclusive government and enterprise exchange opportunities

As a participant of the key activities of Jinan's cooperation with Singapore and Southeast Asia, participants will be able to meet with the local government face-to-face to exchange development opportunities and make roadshow presentations of your projects, ride the green through train, and have the opportunity to obtain various types of government landing support.

3. Press and media cooperation for publicity

The event will cooperate with the news media and utilize the media's domestic and overseas communication channels to widely disseminate to the public. participants will also enter the talent pool of TusStar for long-term cooperation.

4. Accommodation and catering allowance

The organizers will cover the event finalists' in-event expenses such as hotels, meals and transportation in Jinan.

5. Experiencing the culture of "City of Springs"

Visit Daming Lake, Baotu Spring and other local specialty resorts to experience the long cultural heritage of Jinan.


1. Project solicitation and preliminary screening phase:

Now to November 12

Enrollment Requirements:

1. This event invites start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and representatives of chambers of commerce related to the five major fields of information technology, digital economy, new energy vehicles, advanced materials, and green technology to register for participation.

  • Information technology: cloud computing and big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, chips, integrated circuits, metaverse;

  • Digital economy: industrial robotics, 3D printing, smart factories;

  • New energy vehicles: charging infrastructure, automotive battery technology, intelligent transportation, self-driving;

  • Advanced materials: advanced composite materials, high-performance metal materials, nanomaterials;

  • Green technology: water treatment technology, waste management and recycling, environmental quality monitoring.

2. Applicants should abide by the laws of the People's Republic of China and the host country, and have no major record of breach of trust or criminal record.

3. Applicants should fill in the application form of ‘ASESN company Jinan Entrepreneurship Journey", honestly and guarantee that the information provided is true and effective.

4. The route of the visit can be customized by contacting the staff.

5. Applicants must have obtained a master's degree or above, or have more than one year's working or entrepreneurial experience in a foreign country.

2. Entrepreneurship Jinan Tour:

November 16-18, 2023 (Tentative)

Enrollment Methods:

1. Application Period:

Now to November 12, 2023

2. Contact:

Mr. Zhang Ruochen

Corporate Services Executive of TusStar Asia Bridge

WeChat: zhangruochen11


3. Get the enrollment form:

Scan the QR code below to fill out the enrollment information!

Introduction of Visiting Organizations


Inspur is a leading cloud computing and big data service provider in China, owning three listed companies, namely Inspur Information, Inspur Software and Inspur International. Its main business involves cloud computing, artificial intelligence, industrial internet, application software, big data, new generation communication and several application scenarios. As one of the earliest IT brands in China, Wave has always been committed to becoming a world-class leader in new-generation information technology industry, an excellent service provider for the digital transformation of the economy and society, and a backbone enterprise for the construction of new infrastructures.

BYD Co. Ltd (Jinan)

Founded in 1995, BYD possesses a large number of core technologies in powertrain, automotive electronics, mold R&D, vehicle design and manufacturing, and automotive testing for both traditional and new energy vehicles, and has a strong vertical integration capability from parts and components to complete vehicles. Currently, the company operates in more than 70 countries and regions across 6 continents. BYD is mainly responsible for new energy vehicle and parts manufacturing, the project covers an area of 8,000 acres, and is a major industrial project with a large scale of investment and strong demonstration in the starting area.

Shandong University

Shandong University, is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education with a long history, complete disciplines, strong strength and distinctive features, which has an important influence at home and abroad, and successfully entered the ranks of the world's first-class university construction colleges and universities (Class A) in 2017. Covering a total area of more than 8,000 acre, the university has formed a pattern of running a university with one school and three locations (Jinan, Weihai and Qingdao), and is one of the most complete universities in China with the most complete disciplines, which is representative of comprehensive universities, with 44 doctoral degree-authorized first-level disciplines, 1 doctoral degree-authorized second-level discipline, 51 master's degree-authorized first-level disciplines, 93 undergraduate enrollment majors, and 42 post-doctoral scientific research stations, covering all disciplines except military science. 42, covering all disciplines except military science.

Jinan Start-up Area

Jinan New Old Energy Conversion Start-Up Zone is a national new type of zone set up to implement the major national strategies of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin, accelerate the construction of Shandong’s New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Pilot Zone, play the leading role of Shandong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration, replicate the experience and policies of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, national new zones, national demonstration zones for independent innovation, and pilot zones for comprehensive innovation and reform, and actively explore the mode of old and new momentum conversion. Approved by the State Council in April 2021, it is the only "physical" new zone supported by the "Outline of the Yellow River basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Plan", the only new zone with the theme of "conversion of old and new kinetic energies", It is also the second start-up area in China after the Xiongan New Area.

Jinan New Old Energy Conversion Start-up Area constructs a high-quality industrial system, focuses on new technologies, develops new intellectual property, creates new scenarios, and generates new models, and focuses on the development of three leading industries: new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment, and new energy and new materials.

The new generation of information technology industry, focusing on the development of integrated circuits (i.e. China's core), artificial intelligence, big data industrial Internet, meta-universe and other niche industries. In the field of integrated circuit (i.e. China Core), relying on Shandong Academy of Information & Communication Technolog,the establishment of integrated circuit design common technology platform, which can provide chip design enterprises with EDA, IP, MPW and mask and other product research and development and supply chain management common services, and strengthen the chip design industrialization base, relying on BYD's first IGBT production line, focusing on the development of automotive chip products; in the field of artificial intelligence, relying on In the field of artificial intelligence, relying on Jingdong Cloud and Jinan Zhongke Ubiquitous Intelligent Computing Research Institute, the company will build a public service platform for artificial intelligence and carry out tests of competitive and pioneering application scenarios for the common demand of artificial intelligence application and innovation.

Intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment industry, focusing on the development of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles (i.e. intelligent vehicles) robotics, advanced power equipment, energy saving, water conservation and environmental protection equipment and other industry segments. In the field of new energy and intelligent networked cars (i.e. smart cars), relying on BYD, new energy vehicle manufacturing as the core, focus on the introduction of a number of core parts and components supporting enterprises, to create a new energy and intelligent networked car innovation and development of the highland; in the field of precision testing equipment, relying on the Jinan Institute of Nuclear Technology, to carry out from microscopic to large-scale equipment, a complete series of industrial CT equipment research and development, and promote the development of the industrial 4.0 equipment industry. 4.0 equipment industry development; in the field of advanced power equipment, relying on Jinan Advanced Power Research Institute, focusing on the development of low-emission, serialized gas turbines, and actively carry out aviation after-market maintenance, to grow the scale of aviation power equipment industry.

New energy and new material industry, focusing on the development of hydrogen energy, photovoltaic information materials, green building and other sub-industries. In the field of hydrogen energy, relying on the hydrogen energy industry base in the Yellow River basin of the State Power Investment Corporation, introducing and cultivating a number of hydrogen energy enterprises with development potential, focusing on breaking through a number of key technologies in the fields of hydrogen preparation, storage, fuel cells, etc., and promoting the promotion and demonstration of hydrogen energy in multiple fields such as transportation, energy, and construction; in the field of optoelectronic information materials, relying on the BYD Semiconductor Project in Jinan, combining the demand for material support for 8-inch silicon power devices, 6-inch silicon carbide power devices and other materials, and the development of new energy and new material industries. In the field of optoelectronic information materials, relying on the BYD semiconductor project in Jinan, combined with the 8-inch silicon-based power devices, 6-inch silicon carbide power device materials supporting demand, to attract and cultivate a number of high-quality advanced semiconductor materials industry projects, and strengthen the construction of advanced semiconductor materials innovation capacity.

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