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China National Exhibition - China International Import Expo Business Travel Recruitment

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

In 2023, the world is experiencing unprecedented shifts in its global landscape, and Asia is entering an era of vibrant growth. As te dynamic heart of Asia garners increasing attention from the international business community, this trend is set to shape the future direction of the global economy. At this pivotal moment, it's worth noting that China and ASEAN have already signed a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement, further strengthening their close collaborative ties. Simultaneously, as the largest-scale event of its kind in China, the Shanghai Import and Export Expo is poised to become the focal point of the global economic and trade stage, drawing leaders from various sectors to engage in discussions on future business trends and global cooperation opportunities.

This presents a unique opportunity, and TusStar extends a warm invitation to businesses across the Asia-Pacific region to join us in China. Let's delve deeply into the current and future economic trends and collaboration opportunities in Asia. We aim to provide you with a platform for in-depth dialogue, enabling you to gain profound insights into the Asian business ecosystem, discover new opportunities, and establish global business partnerships. This endeavor is not just about business cooperation; it's a chance for us to collectively write history.

This event is co-hosted by TusStar Malaysia and TusStar Shanghai, with strong support from our Asia-Pacific partners, including GEN Thailand, TusStar Singapore, and TusStar Australia. The event will bring together executives and senior entrepreneurs from various fields to explore future business trends and global cooperation opportunities, collectively ushering in a new chapter in the world of business.

Event Highlights

  • International Expo

Participate in the 2023 Annual Shanghai Import Expo, where you can engage in discussions on critical topics such as economic trade, finance, technology, governance, and ecological environment with 475 companies, policymakers, business leaders, and renowned scholars from around the world. This forum provides you with an opportunity for face-to-face exchanges with political and business leaders from China and the global arena. Furthermore, you can have close interactions with numerous leaders from Fortune 500 companies, engaging in discussions and exploring China's vibrant innovation ecosystem, as well as seeking business opportunities between China and ASEAN.

  • Participation in International Forums

The Shanghai Import Expo not only brings together outstanding companies from around the world but also opens its doors to promising startups that are worth exploring. In the China International Import Expo's Innovative Business Exhibition Incubation Zone, we see boundless possibilities for collaboration. As an example, in 2022, the Import Expo hosted the "Automotive Innovation Cluster - IoT & Smart Ecosystem" event, gathering industry leaders such as BMW Asia Technology Center, TusHoldings International Technology Transfer Ltd., and Ford, among others. They collectively explored the development trends of the future mobility industry and actively sought opportunities for collaboration with ten overseas technology innovation companies. This exciting platform has brought unprecedented cooperation opportunities to businesses.

The on-site activities at the Shanghai Import Expo are mainly divided into two categories: policy interpretation and investment, fund allocation, matchmaking, and signing. The event agenda is as follows ▼

  • Government Exclusive Dialogue

Visited the Shanghai Municipal Government in China to have a face-to-face dialogue and learn about the innovation ecosystem and government support system in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Meet with Leading-edge Firms

Suzhou Industrial Park is not just a perfect blend of industry, services, and technology but also a nurturing ground for innovation. Its leading industries have formed a unique "2+3+1" industrial framework. This includes two leading industries: next-generation information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing, along with three emerging industries: biomedicine, nanotechnology applications, and artificial intelligence. This diverse industrial ecosystem aims to lead the future and create opportunities.

Suzhou Industrial Park has achieved excellence, attracting over 5,100 foreign investment projects and over $38 billion in actual foreign investment. Additionally, it has attracted 101 Fortune 500 companies, investing in 166 projects exceeding $100 million. Behind these numbers are 184 projects that are shaping the future business landscape.

The influence and innovation of Suzhou Industrial Park make it one of the leaders in pushing industry boundaries and pioneering the future.


Shanghai (Day 1 - Day 2)

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is an annual trade fair hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. According to official descriptions, CIIE is a "major initiative to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open the Chinese market to the world." CIIE is one of China's four major national-level exhibitions, alongside the Canton Fair, the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), and the China International Consumer Products Expo.

This highly anticipated event provides you with the opportunity to witness the latest global innovations in technology, high-end consumer goods, healthcare, agricultural products, and more. At the same time, entrepreneurs, dignitaries, and industry leaders from various countries will gather to share their business insights and experiences. What sets this expo apart is its exceptional ability to foster deeper cooperation, explore new markets, and establish long-term business relationships on the international stage.

Moreover, the expo will feature a meticulously planned series of forums, seminars, and showcase events, allowing participants to gain in-depth insights into cutting-edge trends across various fields. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or an ordinary consumer, the 2023 Shanghai Import Expo promises to be an exceptional gathering of global innovation and business opportunities, an event not to be missed.

▼ Participating Companies (Partial Fortune Global 500)

Suzhou (Day 3 - Day 4)

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is an advanced industrial zone in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, known for its internationalization, innovation, and eco-friendliness. Developed through a collaboration between the Chinese and Singaporean governments, this park boasts extensive experience in international cooperation. SIP focuses on developing high-tech industries, attracting numerous innovative enterprises and research institutions. It also offers an excellent ecological environment, efficient transportation systems, and an ecosystem supportive of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing an ideal environment for business development. Suzhou Industrial Park is one of the most competitive and attractive industrial parks in China, drawing numerous companies and talents for investment and entrepreneurship.

In the most challenging year of 2022, Suzhou Industrial Park witnessed the emergence of six IPOs on its small 0.77 square-kilometer land. In the past year, the science and technology park made significant progress, reaching a historic high in the number of companies going public. Six new companies were listed throughout the year, bringing the total to 16, including companies such as Shengke Communication, Haochen Software, and Guangge Technology, among others. These companies not only account for 73% of the total listed companies in Suzhou Industrial Park but also represent over 20% of Suzhou's annual newly listed companies.

These listed companies have excelled in technology and industrial fields, with 12 of them focusing on "hard-tech" sectors such as semiconductor research and development, optoelectronic communications, and biomedicine. The six newly listed companies in 2022 are also from high-tech fields like semiconductors and virtual digitization. Three companies that passed the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR Market) review are prominently characterized by "hard-tech" features in network communication chips, industrial software, and optical fiber sensing networks.

This emphasis on "hard-tech" development not only reflects the nation's emphasis on technological self-reliance and breaking monopolies but also aligns with Suzhou Industrial Park's strategic goal of becoming a world-class high-tech industrial park. From the perspective of the park's development, SIP has clearly defined the strategic direction of developing "hard-tech" to support the growth of emerging industries.

▼ Partially renowned enterprises and 2022 listed companies

Mentor Lineup


Vice President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.

Executive General Manager of TusPark Entrepreneurial Incubator

Associate researcher, holds master degree in social psychology science from Nankai University, and she is also a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and Lifelong Eisenhower Scholar. Joining Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. in 2015, she now serves as the Vice President of Tus-Holdings, the Executive General Manager of Beijing TusPark Entrepreneurial Incubator Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Shanghai TusPark Entrepreneurial Incubator Co., Ltd.; from 2003 to 2014, she worked at the Career Guidance Center of Tsinghua University.

Social positions: Vice President and Secretary-General of Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association, Vice President of Shanghai Creative Industry Design Association, Representative of the Twelfth National Congress of Chinese Women, Executive Director of Shanghai Women Entrepreneurs Association etc.

In addition, she won Lin Feng Counselor Award of Tsinghua University, First Prize of Beijing and Tsinghua University Excellent Courses and Tsinghua University Excellent Teaching Achievement, National Advanced Individual in Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Education Institutions, Shanghai Women's Achievement Model, Shanghai Yangpu District’s tenth batch of top-notch talents and other honors.

Ravenna Chen Yao Hui

Director of TusStar APAC

COO of TusStar Singapore

CEO TusStar Malaysia

In 2018, he was selected as the Middle Europe Youth Cultural Ambassador to the European Parliament and has represented the youth in various international conferences, including the United Nations meetings, European Youth Conferences, and ASEAN Youth Summits. In 2022, he was honored as one of the "Top 100 Outstanding Chinese Youths" by 36Kr and the "Top 100 Outstanding Overseas Chinese Youth" by Longchuang Foundation. He also serves as a Tourism Ambassador for Indonesia and Malaysia and is the founder of the Youth Driven Sustainable Development Forum. Additionally, he is one of the founders of initiatives like GO CHINA, GO ASEAN, GO RCEP, and GO SINGAPORE.

In his social roles, he serves as the only international director of the Malaysian Association of Chinese College Students (大专青协会), Vice Chairman of the Malaysian Chinese Student Association, and a member of the Malaysian Chinese Entrepreneurs Association.

Extended information

Why Shanghai and Suzhou

Shanghai and Suzhou, two vibrant cities, boast rich histories and brilliant futures. These two cities are not only China's economic engines but also focal points of the international business world. Shanghai, as one of Asia's most prominent financial centers, is renowned for its internationalization and innovation. Suzhou, on the other hand, serves as a hotbed for Chinese manufacturing and technological innovation, attracting the attention of global corporations.

In Shanghai and Suzhou, you'll feel the pulse of innovation, engage with world-class entrepreneurs and decision-makers, and explore business opportunities. These cities bring together elites from various industries, offering you extensive collaboration opportunities. If you aspire to expand your business in China and explore new development prospects, Shanghai and Suzhou provide the ideal platforms.

Why with TusStar

TusStar, deeply rooted in a global presence, leverages its rich ecosystem resources to drive innovation and growth for Asia-Pacific tech startups, opening doors to the vast markets of China and the world. As an initiative born out of collaboration between Tus-Holdings and Tsinghua University, TusStar specializes in the field of technology services. It is also responsible for the development, construction, operation, and management of Tsinghua Science Park (TusPark), which plays a pivotal role in nurturing innovation.

Furthermore, TusStar proudly holds the distinction of being recognized as one of the first national-level business incubators by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. It is also designated as one of the national-level demonstration units for modern service industries.

The history of TusStar traces back to 1999 when it was initially established within the Tsinghua Science Park incubator. With over two decades of experience in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and backed by the global network of Tus-Holdings, TusStar has become an integral part of the global innovation ecosystem. It has also earned recognition as one of the first national-level incubators certified by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, consistently driving innovation in the "incubation + investment" development model and setting the direction for professional incubators.

Registration Method

Organizational Structure

Four Days and Three Nights

Event Locations

Shanghai and Jiangsu


Open to all individuals and enterprises from the Asia-Pacific region

Event Fees

Total Fee: MYR 15,000 per person

Early Bird Price: MYR 12,000 per person (Payment made before October 12th)

Contact Information

WhatsApp: +6012 565 8763

Wechat: kezcheehereee


Scan the registration QR code below to register!

(Registration Deadline: 14/10/2023)

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