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[Eco member] Dolphin Builders Edu wins the Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2021 at the Nanyang

TusStar Malaysia's Eco member, Dolphin Builders Edu was acknowledged with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2021 by the Nanyang Business Awards. This award recognizes top-notch Chinese businessmen in Malaysia who have actively contributed to the society. Nanyang Siang Pau has conducted an exclusive interview with the founder of Dolphin Builders Edu, Anthony Chua. In the interview, Anthony Chua explained his intention and purpose of establishing a free online education platform, and promoted the equality of education opportunity, believing that children of all classes can enjoy equal and quality education. He also encourages companies and individuals to be involved in charity and do their part to help the "future pillars" of society. The following is the success stories of Dolphin Builders Edu:

Eco Member’s Profile

Dolphin Builders Edu


  • Joined Go China Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp

  • Became TusStar Eco Member

Dolphin Builders Edu’s mission is to promote equality in education and to create a diverse and affordable online education platform. They believe that quality education should not be measured in terms of cost. They strive to create a worldwide renowned company which is proudly founded by Malaysian Chinese.

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