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Go China 6.0 is setting sail! Don't Miss out on the Opportunity to Explore the Business Innovation!

April 12-26, 2023, TusStar overseas high-quality scientific and technological innovation enterprise Go China Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp 6.0 set sail again!

As one of the flagship events of TusStar, Go China Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp aims to provide overseas science and technology innovation projects with opportunities to gain in-depth understanding of China's regional characteristics through continuous entrepreneurship courses, regional economic introductions, etc. It assists high-quality overseas enterprises in matching with upstream and downstream industries, capital, and market resources in China, promotes multilateral science and technology innovation cooperation between China and foreign countries, and facilitates cross-border exchanges and innovative collaborations.

The previous 5 seasons of the event have cumulatively empowered over 410 overseas science and technology innovation projects, with a total of 85 lectures delivered by Chinese and foreign mentors, helping overseas enterprises connect with 24 provincial and municipal government departments in China for business matching and cooperation in landing science and technology enterprises and talents. Among them, 3 overseas science and technology innovation projects have successfully landed in China, 1 project has initiated PoC cooperation with Chinese industrial partners, and 1 science and technology innovation project has secured RMB financing.

01. Meeting link

Participants can copy the link to access the meeting link. For any inquiries, please contact Chong Kez Chee (+6012-5658763).

  • Link:

02. Event Information

  • Language: English (some content in Chinese)

  • Target Audience: Overseas science and technology innovation companies planning to enter China, overseas high-level Chinese with intentions of starting businesses in China

  • Dates: 12 April 2023 - 26 April 2023 (Wednesdays)

  • Time: 2100-2300 (GMT +8)

  • Matchmaking Meeting: 10 May 2023

  • Time: 15:00-17:00 (GMT+8)

03. Guest Lineup

The event will be hosted by government officials, industry leaders, and strategic professionals specializing in China business, who will share experiences and knowledge to help participants better understand and respond to the challenges of the Chinese market. Some experienced entrepreneurs will also join the event, share their difficulties and successful experiences in the process of expanding the Chinese market, and provide practical guidance and suggestions for the participants.

  • Week 1: China Macro Economy and GBA Opportunities

This week, we will outline China's innovation ecosystem and explain how to leverage the TusPark and TusStar networks. In addition, we will provide a detailed overview of the Greater Bay Area and explore in depth how cultural differences affect the way overseas companies do business in China. Also, we will invite local government officials to explore potential opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, including the Macao and Hainan Free Trade Ports, and share measures to support innovative development.

  • Week 2: Understanding Chinese culture, communication skills, and Landscape of Inno-Ecosystem in Beijing and Shanghai

This week, we will invite some international experts with knowledge of China to the conference to share their unique views on Chinese cultural values and communication skills with the participants. In addition, we will explore the business environment of China's municipalities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, to help you better understand the role these cities play in the Chinese and global economy, and to provide stronger support and guarantee for future business cooperation.

  • Week 3: Legal Affairs, Financing, and Marketing Environment for Overseas Enterprises in China

This week, we will highlight the main legal factors to consider when doing business in China. In addition, we will delve into how to effectively tell your story in China and how to develop a marketing strategy to portray your goals and raise funds. Also, we will delve into the science and technology innovation environment of China's new first-tier cities, focusing on the science and technology industry ecology, development trends and future prospects of cities such as Chengdu and Changsha.

  • Week 4: Matchmaking Meeting

In this session, we will invite 10 of the best companies to join TusStar to key cities in the Greater Bay Area. They will have the opportunity to interact with the government and investment institutions present during a roadshow at the opening ceremony of BeyondExpo.

04. Organization Structure

  • Guided by: TusHoldings

  • Hosts: TusStar

  • Organisers: TusPark UK, TusStar Singapore, TusStar Malaysia, TusStar Canada, TusStar Australia, TusStar Japan, TusStar Brussels, TusStar Thailand

  • Co-organisers: TusStar Beijing, TusStar Shanghai, TusStar Shenzhen, TusStar Tianjin Eco-City, TusStar Chengdu Longquanyi, TusStar Changsha, TusStar Danzhou, TusStar Sanya

05. How to Apply?

The event is still recruiting, for those interested partners please scan the QR code below to register immediately.

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