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Government Support | TusStar (Malaysia) Collaborates with MDEC and Launch “GO CHINA LANDING PROGRAMME”!


Looking back on 2024, TusStar has achieved significant milestones in empowering Southeast Asian enterprises for international expansion and facilitating resource integration. To date, we have supported over 800 overseas innovation projects, conducted more than 90 seminars in collaboration with local and international mentors, facilitated partnerships with 24 provincial and municipal government departments, and facilitated collaborations between innovative enterprises and talent.

In 2024, Malaysia unveiled the KL 20 National Strategy, aimed at providing comprehensive support for the all-round growth of Malaysian businesses. In line with this initiative, TusStar has partnered with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to launch the GO CHINA Landing Programme, providing essential support for business enhancement and empowerment.

Event Details:

This event consists of 3 main components:

  1. Understanding the Chinese Market and Relevant Laws and Regulations

  • Analysis of the current overview of the Chinese market

  • Exploration of the technology strategic layout and policy support in key investment provinces and cities in China

  1. Online Business Matching Session

  • TusStar will leverage the similarities and collaboration directions of each enterprise to find the optimal partners for Malaysian and Chinese companies, laying a solid foundation for cooperation.

  1. Business Delegation Trip

  • TusStar will lead Malaysian enterprises on-site visits to Beijing and Shandong in China, to understand the local business environment and the upstream and downstream situations of relevant industry chains.

  • From visits to local benchmark enterprises, identify entry points for overseas companies to enter the Chinese market through global supply chain globalization.

  • Bilateral companies from China and Malaysia will conduct offline meetings to discuss substantive cooperation in the future.

The Key Objectives of this Event:

  1. Leveraging TusStar's global strategic layout to find reliable and market-trusted partners will be crucial support for your long-term overseas business development.

  2. Obtain cutting-edge industry information and relevant advice from industry benchmark leaders, providing reference indicators for your business expansion.

  3. Gain insights into the subsidies provided by local provinces and cities in China for talents, enterprises, and related industries through business trips, deepening your understanding of the local market and acquiring the latest information and resources.

  4. Collaborate with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation to access free office space and related business facilities in China.

*Office space is subject to availability.

Project Timeline:

Policy Analysis

May 9, 2024 (Thursday)

  • Overview of Modern Chinese Economy and Market Opportunities

  • Provide participants with an understanding of the current state of the Chinese economy and relevant opportunities, explaining the need for establishing a presence in China and achieving global cooperation for mutual success.

  • Present an overview of major innovation zones in China and the policies supporting foreign enterprises and talent.

Business Matching

May 13, 2024 - May 31, 2024 (3 weeks)

  • Based on participant feedback and compatibility, match potential future partners for bilateral cooperation between Malaysia and China, and explore relevant cooperation models.

Business Delegation Trip to China

June 2, 2024 - June 7, 2024 (1 week)

  • Conduct on-site visits to local benchmark enterprises and university institutions to gain insights into Chinese corporate culture and talent development, laying the groundwork for future operations in China.

  • Engage in discussions and exchanges with TusStar's incubating enterprises in Greater China to explore and identify potential collaborations.

Registration Method:

Contact Information

Project Manager-Shiny Janice

Phone: +6017-9779557

WeChat: ShinyJanice

(Registration Deadline: 12/05/2024)

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