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Summit|Invitation to Participate in the Global Tech Disrupt Recruitment: A Sincere Call for Companies to Join this Grand Occasion!

In 2024, marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, a collaborative effort will culminate in the 2nd China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit. The summit will showcase the latest advancements in technological synergy, contributing significantly to bilateral relations and the global technological landscape. HE Ouyang Yujing, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Malaysia, and YB Chang Lih Kang,Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, will attend, emphasizing the occasion's significance. Their presence will witness the formalization of cooperation agreements, symbolizing profound collaboration in technology. As a focal point of the 50th diplomatic anniversary, the summit will be hosted under the embassy's auspices, securing its place in the historical narrative of China-Malaysia friendship.

The technology industry's empowerment is pivotal, not only for robust economic development but also for enhancing industrial competitiveness, promoting economic transformation, creating employment, improving production efficiency, advancing sustainable development, and driving social progress. This underscores the industry's role as a key force in achieving national and societal development goals.

The 2024 Global Tech Disrupt aims to achieve two main objectives: firstly, empowering industries by integrating innovative technology into small enterprises, boosting global competitiveness. Secondly, providing a platform for large enterprises to collaborate with small ones, addressing challenges in technological innovation through innovative solutions.


1.Global Enterprise Demand Announcement

TusStar, leveraging its expansive global network, will make a comprehensive announcement of worldwide recruitment, extending coverage to international media. These demand announcements are crafted to aid you in exploring potential technological solutions on a global scale, surmounting technical challenges, achieving breakthroughs, and fostering business development.

2. Precise Global Technology Demand Matching

By identifying potential partners worldwide and gathering technology and information from startups globally, we ensure a seamless and successful entry of your business into the China-Malaysia market. Whether you are in search of partners or specific technologies, this program is tailored to meet your requirements.

3. Follow-up and Relationship Maintenance

Post-event, we commit to maintaining ongoing communication with startup companies. This includes providing detailed feedback reports and actively seeking long-term cooperation opportunities, with the aim of establishing enduring partnerships.

4. Industry Support & Innovation Integration

TusHoldings' expansive global innovation network will offer robust industry support for large enterprises, aiding in the transformation of innovative achievements. Concurrently, we will facilitate collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, fostering the seamless integration of innovative technology and business operational practices for innovation convergence.

5. Collaboration Signing

In the presence of leaders from both China and Malaysia, collaboration agreements will be signed, collectively advancing the development and prosperity of both nations.

Focus Areas

  • Aerospace Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Biomedicine

  • Agricultural Technology

  • Any field related to technology

Recruitment Targets

TusStar Malaysia is presently undertaking a global recruitment initiative and extends a formal invitation to all enterprises with an interest in expanding into the Chinese or Southeast Asian market, encountering technological bottlenecks, or possessing pertinent technological requirements to participate in our large enterprise demand release segment. Limited to only 2 available spots for recruitment, TusStar Malaysia will harness its global network advantages to strategically solicit applications for global technology solutions.

Summit Highlights

This summit underscores two pivotal aspects: its high-end nature and an international perspective. Beyond the 2024  Global Tech Disrupt, this summit spans two days, providing a more extensive and profound platform for exchange and discussion.

The first day centers on the opening ceremony, theme sharing, and fireside charts. Ministerial-level leaders from China and Malaysia will collectively witness cooperation signings, offering valuable opportunities for participants to engage with experts from both nations, gain insights into the latest technological developments, and explore potential collaboration areas. Supported by a global innovation network, TusHoldings aims to propel industrial development, foster collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, and integrate innovative technology into corporate operational practices.

On the second day, emphasis will be on the Chinese and English project showcase, facilitating the efficient connection of high-quality projects with funds through professional roadshows. Additionally, booths from 17 distinguished Chinese and Malaysian technology innovation enterprises will exhibit, allowing participants to closely experience the allure of technology and collectively advance progress in technological innovation. This grand event serves as a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, leaving an indelible mark on the historical record.


  • January 2024: Commence recruitment and collection of requirements from large enterprises.

  • February 2024: Facilitate collaboration between large and small enterprises.

  • March 2024: Official announcement of outcomes on the event day.

Contact Information

Shiny Janice

Head of Event (Tech Disrupt)

 +60 17-917 9557

WeChat ID: ShinyJanice

Other Details

Registration Link

On the morning of March 6, the summit will exclusively offer 250 Premium passes, available for purchase until January 31 at the early price of RM68 by entering TUS20. The number of places is limited, and admission will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. If the number of places is full, registration will be closed in advance. Interested parties can use the links below to register for the forum.

Stay informed with the latest updates by connecting with the TusStar Malaysia on our official social media platforms:

  • WeChat Official Account: TusStarMY

  • Facebook: @TusStar Malaysia

  • LinkedIn: @TusStar Malaysia

  • Instagram: @tusstarmy

  • Official Website:

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