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The Global Tech Venture Capital Competition <Shift! Impact X> is now open to registration

As sustainable development and climate change has become the main topic of the 21st century, the UN has made some changes by launching a programme called SDGs, for the sustainable development goals. The Shift! Impact X is a competition that focuses on sustainable development and are now seeking for 4 main starts up as below;

1.Energy & Carbon: Seeking for technologies to accelerate a ‘net zero’ global economy to achieving a decarbonisation industry

2.Food System: Seeking for technologies that will help to ensure a future without hunger or malnutrition.

3.Circular Economy: Seeking solutions for a regenerative and circular economy, closed-loop systems and zero waste.

4.Resilient Cities: Seeking for technologies that can increase urban resilience against climate change, resource scarcity, natural disasters, and improve lives for city residents.

About Competition

From March 2023 onwards till Nov, the Shift ! Global Technology Impact Venture Capital Competition initiated by Impact X has officially kicked off! The competition is aimed at startups in the Asian Pacific region and is based on a new impact technology growth plan with a 6-step process of ecosystem activation. It calls for innovations, review and selection, national finals, Impact X Summit, and incubation program. All the finalists will receive full support, including a 10-week (March-June 2023) incubation program, substantive networking and communication with international trainers, mentors, investors, experts, and funding opportunities. Furthermore, a free exhibition space at Impact X Summit will be given, policy guidance, and other support programs to fully help and guide startups to grow.

To increase the incentives for APAC startups to participate and connect APAC influential technology innovators, investors and ecosystem players. The competition will offer sponsorship opportunities (including cash and travel awards, access to SHIFT ! ecosystem partners from China, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, mentorship training, regional finalists passes and passes to attend the 2023 Impact X Sydney Summit). Providing startups with a full range of support for emerging impact technologies from every step to drive demand and benefit for their impact technologies to accelerate local, national and global development.


Start-ups from China, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and other Asia-Pacific regions with innovative ideas, business potential and impact.


The Competition Process

Competition Evaluation Framework

Contact Info

Shift! Incubation Programme Trainers, Mentors and Speakers


Scan the QR code below or click the link to fill in the Registration Form

About SHIFT !

SHIFT! is an early-stage startup growth programme designed to support emerging impact technologies that provide local solutions to systemic global problems. SHIFT! will be held across Asia Pacific to identify startups from MVP to Pre-Series A by deeply activating the local ecosystem and evaluating them based on commercial viability and potential impact.

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