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TusStar Talent Pool 启迪之星人才库

TusStar Talent Pool 启迪之星人才库
TusStar Talent Pool 启迪之星人才库

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


About the event

You are talented and Interested in working in China? but do not find a perfect way to access the oppurtunity?

Here is the chance for you to get job opportunities, research funding and etc. from China government. We are looking for :

1. PhD holder in any areas or;

2. Professional, technical and managerial personnel who is holding senior positions or;

3.Technically skilled talents who have mastered key core technologies in the industrial field or can solve problems in the production process of products or;

4.Experts and scholars who hold positions equivalent to associate professor or above in universities/ Scientific research institutions and who have strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities.

You stand a chance to:

1. Get special recommendation from China government

2. Be hired by the leading companies in China

3. Receive R&D funding from government

4. Get job oppurtunities in Universities or research institution

5. Take charge of significant project currently that is currently launching by China government

【Why TusStar is the bridge to link you to China Resources?】

TusHoldings was established in July 2000, and its predecessor was the Tsinghua Science and Technology Park Development Center established in August 1994. TusHoldings is a technology investment holding group that relies on Tsinghua University to establish, with focus on the field of technology services, and it is the development, construction, operation and management unit of Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, and the first batch of national modern service industry demonstration units.

TusStar Incubator originated from Tsinghua Pioneer Park that was founded in 1999, with over 20 years of experiences in the field of entrepreneurship, TusHoldings is an important platform for the global innovation network service system. At the same time, TusHoldings is the first batch of national-level incubators recognized by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, while established the development model of "incubation + investment" and the development direction of professional incubators. At present, TusStar has 300+ incubators acroos the world, covers China, Malaysia, Japan, Egypt, UK, Canada, USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Thailand.

In 2018, TusStar established a base in Malaysia, located in Selangor as a result of the joint venture between Brunsfield International Group and TusHolidings, making it the 106th base of TusStar in the global. Selangor is known to be Malaysia's main port of entry, adjacent to the capital Kuala Lumpur, and has important strategic significance.

TusStar Malaysia’s workstation covers an area of about 1,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 60 entrepreneurial teams. There are a total of 48 open office spaces, 5 independent offices, a public meeting room, an exhibition hall and an event venue (which can accommodate 100 people). Moreover, TusStar Malaysia was the only overseas brand that is recognised as Malaysia Digital Hub by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Malaysia in 2021. Othe recognition and certification such as:

~Zhejiang Overseas Innovation Incubation Center

~Guangdong Province "2019 International Technology Business Incubator"

~Overseas Intelligence Introducing Workstation in Nanning City, Guangxi Province

~Hebei International Cooperation Base

~List of Offshore (Extraterritorial) Innovation Centers in Liaoning Province

~Guangdong Association for Science and Technology Haizhi Planning Workstation

~Hefei Tus Tech City was awarded the “Belt and Road” Technology Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance Malaysia ~Cooperation and Exchange Base in Hefei City

~Changsha National Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents

~Shenyang Overseas Talents Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base

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