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What we need:  

To be successful as an Intern, you should be willing to help with any tasks assigned by the supervisor. You will be involved in upcoming projects as well as assisting with current campaigns. As an Intern, you will receive great opportunities to make meaningful contributions and work in a highly efficient team. Mentorship opportunities from the management level will be made available to you.


Job Description:

  • Fulfill tasks set out by supervisors from several departments.

  • Attend meetings and take minutes.

  • Monitor and analyze regular qualitative and quantitative performance reports and updates on current operations and clients to relevant company executives and managers.

  • Propose business development initiatives to relevant company executives and management.

  • Develop and maintain business development processes, tools and databases and maintaining all business development and marketing presentations and materials

  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment and ability to complete tasks, assignments and company goals in the shortest time frame.

  • Develop business plans while initiating the changes necessary to achieve strategic objectives in competitive global markets.

  • Ensure that KPI and all tasks assigned, and deliverables are completed as per the timeline; or earlier.

  • Protect the company's information and interest.

Basic Requirements:

  • Fresh graduates in relevant business disciplines, e.g. Management, Analytics, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Engineering, Mathematics, Mass Communication, Journalism, Graphic Design, Business Administration and etc.

  • Age 25 or younger.

  • Excellent computer skills; proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and Chinese, additional languages not mentioned will be considered favourable.

  • Excellent interpersonal and decision-making skills.


Job Types:

Full-time, Part-time, Internship

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