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What is Cross Border E-Commerce Digital Marketing Course

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Cross-border E-commerce Digital Marketing Course has been created by Tuscbec & TusStar Malaysia. This course is mainly aimed at export-oriented enterprises facing the international market, enterprises carrying out cross-border service trade and cross-border goods trade, enterprises providing cross-border e-commerce upstream and downstream services, enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the cross-border industrial chain, and cross-border e-commerce practitioners.


The 24-hour course is delivered online and contains modules such as cross-border independent station marketing research, cross-border independent station selection, cross-border independent station marketing promotion, visual marketing, overseas search engine optimization, overseas search advertising Overseas social media operation, overseas social media advertising, overseas display advertising and video marketing, email marketing and overseas marketing legal risk identification, etc. The instructors are all from experienced frontline ecommerce professionals.


This course was initially offered in China along with a nationally recognized skill certification and more than 1000 learners have completed the course. Now we are working to expand the Cross-border e-commerce digital marketing program to increase the breadth of our curriculum for more experienced commercialization practitioners and the depth to increase its relevance to our global learners. We are looking forward to seeing you in Cross-border e-commerce digital marketing course.

Day of Training

Three (3) days: 8 hours per day

Who Should Attend?

Professionals from government, universities, research institutes, firms and private sector organizations who are interested in Cross-Border E-commerce and Digital Marketing. This group includes a broad spectrum of professionals which could include (but not limited to) e-commerce operators, marketing staffs, advisors, mentors, entrepreneurs in residence, university administrators, innovation park managers, professors/researchers.



Live Webcast Courses, Participants Learn by Schedule


February/ June / September, 2023



3 days

8 hours/day


Chinese and English


RM 3,600


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Speakers CV

Justin Lau

Researcher of the National Engineering Laboratory for E-commerce Transaction Technology, Director of the 1+X Cross-border E-commerce Overseas Marketing Certificate Project of Beijing Zhongqingyan Information Technology Research Institute

Nick (Hu Li)

Shenzhen Huanchuang Network Cross Border Digital CEO

Li Zi

General Manager of Hangzhou Lingju Chuanghai Information Consulting Co., Ltd.

Li Zengyan

1+X project manager of Beijing Zhongqingyan Information Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

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