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OWL Elite

Public Relation & Communication Eco Partner


OWL Elite

The Page Publishing Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2017 by Dato’ Eagle Chua who known to be the ‘Godfather of Insurance’ in Malaysia. Dato’ Chua felt that most local SMEs are encountering bottlenecks in its operations and that young entrepreneurs are also lacked of business information channels. Hence, resolutely established OWL Elite and publishing "OWL Elite猫头鹰" bi-monthly business magazine to assist the entrepreneurs in promoting the development in the domestic business outlook.


OWL Elite is a media company by The Page Publishing Sdn. Bhd. It provides services that assist entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-to-be, transforming companies etc for proactive approaches to stay relevant and grow in its respective industry. The bimonthly business magazine in Mandarin "OWL Elite猫头鹰" is used to connect enterprises and markets for the implementation of corporate strategies. In a market with overloaded information yet might not be informative for all, "OWL Elite猫头鹰" is an essential reading source for entrepreneurs, inspiring companies to venture into new areas while staying relevance, and maintain close contact with the market.

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