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The First China-Malaysia Youth Exchange Forum Successfully Hosted at TusStar Malaysia

On January 28th, the first China-Malaysia Youth Exchange Forum was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 50 guests and representatives from academia, businesses, and youth organizations attended the forum, including Tsinghua University, the University of Malaya, TusStar Malaysia, GRADUAN Malaysia and Junior Chamber International Bukit Mertajam.


Wang Rui, the President of the Tsinghua University Youth League Committee extended his congratulations on the successful organization of the forum, noting that "2024 marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. Malaysia has consistently been a pivotal partner in China's Belt and Road Initiative. Tsinghua University is always dedicated to cultivating talents with social responsibility and global competence. This Exchange Forum symbolizes as one of the milestones of closer links between Malaysian and Tsinghua students, laying foundations for further interaction.


Alvin Yap, the President of Malaysian Young Graduates Association (Graduan Malaysia), warmly welcomed the arrival of Tsinghua University's "Zest" Social Practice Brigade on behalf of Malaysian youth organizations. He emphasized that in this new era, youth are playing an increasingly important role in societal development. The friendly cooperation between the youth of both countries holds significant meaning for the further development of bilateral relations.

Dr. Nahrizul Adib Kadri, the Associate Professor from Biomedical Engineering and Former Director of UM Corporate Communication Centre (CCC) articulated that the exchange between the youth of China and Malaysia would infuse a renewed vigor into the international engagements of both nations. He expressed optimism that China-Malaysian youth would inscribe a new chapter in China-Malaysian friendship.

 Ravenna Chen, the CEO of TusStar Malaysia, shared insights based on her own experiences and expressed optimism for the deepening development of youth relations between China and Malaysia. She hopes that the youth can harness the power of innovation and contribute to fostering friendly exchanges between the two countries through the strength of technology.

In the keynote speech session, Xing Yunxi, the leader of the Social Practice Brigade at Tsinghua University, and Chiang Kai Lin, a student representative from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, spoke on the current international communication and cultural exchange in the context of the new media era.

After the opening ceremony, members of the Tsinghua University "Zest" Social Practice Brigade presented attendees with the China-Malaysian Youth Exchange Forum handbook and gifts.

Professors Nurulaini Abu Shamsi from the University of Malaya’s Science Communication and Public Engagement Program and Liu Shutian from Tsinghua University's Global Communication Office shared thematic academic reports during the exchange session, delving into the international communication practices of Chinese and Malaysian universities, analyzing the opportunities and challenges that new media brings to youth cross-cultural exchanges.

During youth dialogue, students and youth from China and Malaysia shared their experiences on the importance of new media in current international exchanges. They discussed the role of youth in international communication and expressed their expectations of leveraging their strengths in the new media era to contribute to the deepening of China-Malaysian friendship.

At the closing ceremony of the forum, Ellie Soo, the Vice President of the Junior Chamber International Bukit Mertajam, expressed affirmation for the youth consensus and collaborative achievements reached during the forum.

Wang Zhongyu, a student from Tsinghua University, delivered a youth initiative on behalf of the youth participants from China and Malaysia. She conveyed that Generation Z from both countries are committed to actively taking the responsibilities and missions of cultural exchange and future development. The youth, she emphasized, should effectively utilize the media to contribute to the enduring friendship between China and Malaysia.


Youth constitutes a crucial component of international communication and understanding, serving as a significant force enhancing people-to-people exchanges. This forum, organized by Tsinghua University, TusStar Malaysia, and the University of Malaya, and hosted by Tsinghua University's "Zest" Social Practice Brigade, aims to deepen friendly exchanges among Chinese and Malaysian youth. Taking place on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, the forum seeks to contribute to the promotion of cultural understanding and forge a new chapter in the friendship between the youth of both nations.


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