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"The Road to ASEAN & China For Agritech" webinar has come to a successful end!

On 24th March, "The Road to Asean & China For Agritech'' webinar was successfully held. The event was conducted by the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI), the Agricultural Protection and Development Association of Malaysia (APDAM), Laiwu District, Jinan City Investment Promotion Service Center, Jinan Laiwu District Federation of Industry and Commerce, TusStar Malaysia as the main event planner and TusStar (Jinan·Laiwu), TusStar (Qilu Junchuang), Shandong Industry Research Tus Incubator, TusStar (Heze) as the co-host. More than 80 companies, with a total of 93 participants, from both China and Malaysia in the field of agriculture, science and technology had participated in the conference.

Dato’ Haslina Binti Adbul Hamid, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) of Malaysia, mentioned during her speech that the current agricultural model is increasingly applied to internet technology and other various digital and technological means. For example, Aerodyne Group, a Malaysian company, is a very good agricultural technology company, focusing on drone-enabled agriculture-related industries. Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of Malaysia has put forward many relevant policies for agricultural science and technology, and expects to achieve sustainable development in the direction of agriculture.

Cao Meng, Vice President of TusHoldings Northeast Asia Headquarters and Vice President of TusStar, shared in his speech that TusStar was founded in Tsinghua Pioneer Park in 1999, and has now established more than 180 incubation bases around the world, and has established a global innovation network. Shandong is the region where TusStar has the longest cultivation time, the widest coverage, the most complete incubation chain and the most complete incubator categories. 15 incubation carriers have been established in 10 cities in Shandong and each base works hard together in harmony while actively responding to major national and Shandong strategies. In recent years, the cooperation between Malaysia and Shandong in import and export has also gradually deepened. On March 18, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) officially came into effect for Malaysia, and Jinan customs signed the first batch of RCEP certificates of origin for exports from Shandong to Malaysia, which will further promote the development of bilateral trade between China and Malaysia. It is hoped that through this event, the partnership between Malaysia and TusStar China Shandong can be deepened, combined with the relevant characteristics and advantages of Malaysia and China, to deeply tap the development potential of entrepreneurs in the agricultural field, and to help the progress of the technology industry and economic and social development of both parties.

Dato Dr. Chai Chen Hing, Chairman of the Agricultural Protection and Development Association of Malaysia, introduced the Malaysia Agro Excellence Award to the guests and participants. During the Q&A session, the guests asked Dr. Chai about the Malaysia Agro Excellence Award, and conducted relevant exchanges and discussions.

Chen Yaohui, CEO of TusStar Malaysia, introduced the all-round and full-chain incubation services of TusStar Incubator to the guests who joined the webinar, and introduced the policies, environment and services that TusStar can provide when Chinese companies go overseas to ASEAN countries.

After that, Chen Faxue, director of the Investment Promotion Center of Laiwu District, gave a detailed interpretation of the marketing environment and policies of Laiwu District from four aspects: the development situation of Laiwu District, the general situation of agricultural development in Laiwu District, the situation of service enterprises, and the implementation of preferential policies. Chen Faxue said that Laiwu District has a number of agricultural characteristic industrial parks. The sales revenue of the agricultural product processing industry in the district exceeds 12.5 billion yuan, and the export of agricultural products is estimated to be RMB 5.5 billion , accounting for more than 80% of the total export of food and agricultural products in Jinan City. The annual export volume of other leading enterprises exceeds 1.5 billion yuan. Currently, Laiwu District is in the best season for transformation, upgrading and breakthrough development. It has policy opportunities and strategic advantages unmatched to other regions. Laiwu District has always adhered to the focus on improving enterprise services, and strived to create an environment which is pro-business and business-oriented. He also mentioned that he sincerely welcomes all entrepreneurs to invest and start businesses in Laiwu to achieve a win-win situation between the government and enterprises.

Roundtable Discussion Session

"The trend of Agriculture and Tech in China and Malaysia" roundtable discussion was hosted by Yu Jinhuan, Deputy General Manager of TusStar (Qilu Junchuang) and the guests who joined the discussion were Dato Lim Hengyi, Vice President of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce and Founder of Huanlu Integrated Co., Ltd., Dr. Hu Nan, Senior Solution Architect of Cloud International, Huang Guangxiong, Secretary General of Malaysian Borneo Agricultural Cooperative, Niu Tian, ​​Deputy Director of Shandong Agricultural Industry Research Institute, and Lv Tongbo, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Laiwu Taifeng Food Co., Ltd. who introduced their industries respectively. Regarding the development situation, all the guests carried out in-depth discussions on themes such as "the current situation of agricultural science and technology development in Malaysia", "agricultural science and technology going overseas to Southeast Asia", and "related support for Chinese enterprises to land on Alibaba Cloud in Malaysia".

Among them, Lv Tongbo, deputy general manager of Laiwu Taifeng Food Co., Ltd., spoke as one of the representatives of Shandong science and technology in China, and introduced the company's development and future cooperation. Laiwu Taifeng Foods is a modern agricultural product processing and exporting enterprise with self-support import and export rights, integrating acquisition, refrigeration, processing and international trade. Its sales market covers more than 90 countries and regions such as Europe, America and the Middle East. In 2002, the company received the first international order sent to Malaysia. In 2021, the company achieved an import and export volume of 2.3 billion yuan. In the future, the company will focus on developing the export of deep-processed ginger products, supporting the development of transnational trade, and steadily promoting the strategy of importing agricultural products. It is hoped that in the future, it will cooperate with Malaysian enterprises to expand the import of agricultural products such as wood and fruit, and further expand the sales channels in Malaysia to achieve a win-win situation.

TusStar has been in the field of incubation for more than 20 years and has always taken great importance to international exchanges and development. In the future, TusStar’s overseas bases will continue to take advantage of the global incubation network to help high-quality overseas projects land in China and assist Chinese science and technology enterprises to go overseas, so that global innovations can take root worldwide.

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