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2022 TusStar MY Yearly Highlight

Time flies, 2022 is coming to an end, TusStar Malaysia once again joins hands with you to experience the storm and see the rainbow together!

Looking back on the past year, TusStar (Malaysia) successfully completed the annual plan and completed the upgrade and transformation of cooperation in many aspects. As the first base established in the Belt and Road Initiative, it has completed the construction of TusStar's science and technology innovation ecosystem in the entire ASEAN and even the Asia-Pacific. Throughout 2022, TusStar (Malaysia) has received more than nearly 10 government certifications, 5 of which have been confirmed and announced, and organized 37 influential medium and large-scale activities, including GO RCEP "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" Science and technology incubation, technology empowerment series of summits, Malaysia's digital economy online sharing session held together with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (IMDA), in cooperation with the Malaysian Agricultural Association, with the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture, the Malaysia Agro Excellence Award Series and the China-ASEAN Series of Agriculture & Science and Technology Roundtable Forum, International Cooperation for Precision Matchmaking in the Field of Science and Technology-Malaysia Session with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and other national and government-level activities. In addition, cooperated with various bases in China to undertake 6 provincial and municipal innovation and entrepreneurship competitions to attract investment and talents in various cities in China.

Thank you for your love for TusStar and witnessing the growth of TusStar together step by step. Let us walk into the selected memories of TusStar Malaysia in 2022 and review the wonderful moments!

【Most Valuable Government Recognition】

Hainan- 2022 Sanya City “Overseas Talent Project” Workstation

The Sanya Science and Technology Association announced the list of proposed workstations for the "Overseas Talent Project" in Sanya. With the support of the TusStar International Cooperation Department, TusStar Malaysia and TusStar Sanya jointly built the Sanya “Overseas Talent Project” workstation. TusStar Sanya Workstation of "Overseas Talent Project" was successfully established. This is a full affirmation of the incubation capabilities of TusStar bases at China and overseas, and another manifestation of the value of the TusStar incubation network.

Nanning-Malaysia Overseas Talent Workstation

Zeng Yonglin, Minister of the Science and Technology Association of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Liaison Department), and Song Tienong, Chairman of Guangxi Tus Innovation Cross-border E-Commerce Co., Ltd. jointly unveiled the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Science and Technology Association Haizhi Workstation". The establishment of Haizhi Workstation provides a new direction and approach for "Radar" to attract talents, and will provide strong support for the high-quality development of Guangxi's science and technology industry and RCEP. Guangxi Federation of Enterprise Science and Technology Association and Tusstar Malaysia Technology Business Incubator Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation online and offline “ASEAN Community of Shared Future".

Hefei Belt and Road Alliance for Technological Industry Innovation Malaysia Cooperation and Exchange Base

The first working group of the "Four Free One Service" Double Thousand Project in Anhui Province and the special docking meeting of "Government, Industry, University and Research Funds" in Hefei were successfully held in Anhui Innovation Hall. At the meeting, Hefei's "Belt and Road" technology industry innovation strategic alliance was held overseas In the awarding ceremony of the cooperation and exchange base, Hefei Tus-Tech City was awarded the “Hefei Belt and Road Alliance for Technological Industry Innovation Malaysia Cooperation and Exchange Base, and TusStar (Malaysia), as an overseas base under the Belt and Road Initiative, was entrusted to serve as the strategic alliance Overseas workstations, the employment period is 3 years.

Changsha Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents - RCEP Workstation

Luo Jianji, Member of the Standing Committee of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Organization Department, and Zhou Qingnian, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changsha High-tech Zone, awarded the licence to the Changsha Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents - RCEP Workstation undertaken by TusStar. The RCEP workstation will rely on TusStar’s global network advantages, serve respectively for China-UK and China-Singapore science and innovation exchanges, and promote the interaction of global innovation resources and the implementation of innovation achievements.

National (Qingdao) Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents-TusStar Malaysia Overseas Innovation Station

TusStar (Malaysia) and Qingdao Science and Technology Association established the "National (Qingdao) Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents-TusStar Malaysia Overseas Innovation Station", aiming at the development of Qingdao's key industries (new generation information technology, new energy and new materials, medical care and health) , modern finance, modern logistics, modern ocean, high-end chemical industry, modern high-efficiency agriculture, high-end equipment and other industries) and the needs of corporate technology innovation, Qingdao Science and Technology Association arranges special personnel to serve the incubation work of Qingdao offshore talent projects, uncovering and collecting original research and development projects. It also provides pre-incubation and resource docking services such as talent introduction policies, intellectual property protection, and early project investment, and flexibly introduces overseas high-level innovative and entrepreneurial leaders.

【Most Outstanding Series】

Malaysia Agro Excellence Award Series

The Malaysia Agro Excellence Award Series is composed of a series of transnational China-Malaysia activities such as the China-ASEAN Agriculture and Science and Technology Roundtable Forum, and the online symposium on the path of the agricultural science and technology industry to ASEAN and China. TusStar Malaysia, as the co-organizer, jointly held the "The 6th Malaysia Agro Excellence Award" award ceremony. Weinan Lvsheng Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd, an incubator of TusStar Malaysia, won the Outstanding International Agricultural Contribution Award.

The Malaysia Agro Excellence Award Series has been recognized by the Malaysian agricultural industry as the highest honour award in the Malaysian agricultural industry. The launch of the Malaysia Agro Excellence Award Series has given a boost to the agricultural sector in Malaysia, and it has also imperceptibly stimulated a surge of vitality, allowing farmers to have a goal and direction while developing agriculture. All the winners are selected after strict review by the professional independent review committee, so the winners are all well-deserved, and they are also good examples of the country's healthy agricultural development and a model of the agricultural society.

January 20th - China-ASEAN Agriculture & Technology Roundtable Forum of Malaysia Agro Excellence Award Series

March 24th - Online symposium on ways for the agricultural technology industry to go overseas to ASEAN and China

August 20th - “The 6th Malaysia Agro Excellence Award Series "Awarding Ceremony

RCEP Industrial Cooperation Summit

The RCEP International Industrial Cooperation Summit is the first large-scale event held in Qingdao on RCEP science and innovation industry cooperation after the signing of the RCEP agreement (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement). The event is sponsored by the Science and Technology Communication Center of the China Association for Science and Technology, RCEP Industry Cooperation Committee, International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce, hosted by TusHoldings Northeast Asia Headquarters, Qingdao Trade Development Service Center, supported by Qingdao Science and Technology Association, Shandong Business Hub, TusHoldings Co-organized by TusStar Qingdao, TusStar Malaysia, TusStar Singapore, TusWeihua Center in Thailand, and TusChina-Japan Cross-Border Innovation Platform that come from the RCEP Industrial Cooperation Committee, government agencies of RCEP member countries, and international science and technology parks. More than 1,000 people including representatives from innovation regional associations, China Chamber of International Commerce Sustainable Development Committee, international trade and investment promotion agencies and business associations, experts and scholars in the economic and trade field, government officials from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and other countries, and heads of science and technology innovation enterprises representatives participated in the meeting through a combination of online and offline methods. The summit focused on the docking and cooperation of the science and innovation industries of RCEP-related member states, discussing new opportunities for development, and discussing mutually beneficial and win-win measures.

GO CHINA & China International Import Expo (CIIE)

In order to make use of the advantages of TusHoldings' global innovation network, TusStar has gathered 10+ science parks and incubators at China and overseas to join hands with the China International Science and Technology Exchange Center to launch the Go China Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in early 2021. The Go China Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is a series of activities to help overseas scientific and technological innovation projects understand China's regional characteristics through continuous entrepreneurial courses, regional economic introduction, etc., assist overseas high-quality enterprises to match China's upstream and downstream industries, capital, and market resources, and promote Cross-border exchanges to promote multilateral scientific and technological innovation cooperation between China and foreign countries.

The Go China Entrepreneurs Bootcamp aimed at overseas technological innovation talents companies that plan to land in China. It comprehensively and systematically introduces the conditions of China's various economic sectors, supports entrepreneurship courses, and combines the actual cases of overseas entrepreneurs to start businesses in China. Go China also helps overseas entrepreneurs to better understand China's business environment, assist overseas high-quality enterprises to match China's upstream and downstream industries, capital, and market resources, promote cross-border exchanges, and promote China-foreign multilateral cooperation in science and technology innovation.

The Go China 3.0 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp hosted by TusStar and China International Science and Technology Exchange Center attracted 55 overseas companies from Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Finland and other countries well-known scientific and technological enterprises. The Go China 3.0 introduces the characteristics of the first-tier cities such as Beijing Yanqing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, as well as new first-tier and provincial capital cities such as Qingdao, Changsha, and Urumqi.

The 5th Go China aimed at overseas scientific and technological innovation companies that plan to go to the Greater Bay Area, the Yangtze River Delta, and other key domestic economic regions. Cases share the entrepreneurial history of foreigners in China, and help overseas entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in China and want to understand the Chinese market have a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of China's business environment.

TusStar as the partner of China International Import Expo (CIIE) as the official partner of the "Innovation Incubation Zone for Enterprise Business Exhibition of China International Import Expo" recommended 9 overseas outstanding SMEs to participate in the exhibition through the Go China accelerator programme. TusStar won the Best Organization Award. TusStar Malaysia eco-member, Skinrun successfully entered the CIIE Innovation Incubation Exhibition, and won third place in the CIIE for “Most Market Potential Award”.

Impact X Summit Sydney 2022

With the twenty-seventh Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) underway, the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss are interconnected. In order to solve this problem, the Impact X Summit Sydney 2022 will hold three days of keynote sharing, seminars and various activities under the theme of "Zero Carbon Action, Active Nature", aiming to accelerate the progress towards zero carbon. More than 130 top international speakers and 300+ influential technology founders attended the event.

TusStar was invited to attend the Impact X Summit Sydney 2022 as a main partner. The CEO of TusStar Malaysia and the Deputy General Manager of TusStar Singapore, Ravenna Chen served as the main guest of the roundtable forum, and during the forum Release the strategic cooperation with ImpactX and Green House to promote the co-construction of the Asia-Pacific science and technology innovation ecosystem, assist high-quality science and technology innovation enterprises to explore and land Asia-Pacific and China through TusStar's global network.

Pitching Crush & Eco-member Day

TusStar Malaysia provides a professional platform for business incubation, and builds a platform for start-ups and investors through a series of activities such as pitching crush and eco member day, to connect with excellent resources.

TusStar (Malaysia) Startup Pitching Crush is designed to provide a platform for founders of innovative start-ups and SMEs to present their ideas to investors or venture capitalists for practical help in achieving their goals to grow their companies and expand their potential customers. Adhering to the theme of metaverse, the pitching crush aims to help start-ups and SMEs seek partnerships and resources to collaborate. 10 sessions of pitching crush assisted more than 60 technology innovation companies to connect with top Asia-Pacific investors.

Due to the pandemic situation, TusStar Malaysia had a hold on the Eco Member Day for nearly two years, but with the recent recovery of the pandemic, TusStar (Malaysia) gradually resumed its offline operations in August.

The TusStar Eco Member Day Program aims to screen out a group of high-quality high-tech enterprises through the TusStar global resource network to allocate resources and cultivate them as potential investment projects. Adhering to the theme of "Networking - Sharing - Matching”, TusStar Malaysia will jointly hold an Eco Member Day with an ecomember enterprise every month, aiming to create in-depth understanding, mutual cooperation between enterprises and promote more links between participating companies.

【The Most Outstanding Performance Eco Member】

Cartesian Shield

Cartesian Shield Science & Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of China's independent commercial encryption technology and products, as well as the design of network and information system security integration solutions. The main products include next-generation security gateways, IoT intelligent security gateways, etc.

Under the incubation and assistance of TusStar Malaysia, Cartesian Shield Science & Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the official government certification of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), officially landed in Malaysia and established an office.


Vencubator Sdn Bhd Cross Border E-commerce 3.0 is an integrated platform between merchants, e-commerce service providers and end-users for the simplest way of the service chains with a one-stop solution that matches the growth of Dropship in the e-commerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

TusStar Malaysia would like to congratulate our Eco-member Vencubator for successfully landing in Shenyang on 19th August 2022 under the name of “Vencubator Cross-border E-commerce (Shenyang) CO., Ltd”. The success of this landing is attributed to the project of Shenyang Global Project Docking Fair of 2021 China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition with TusStar Malaysia.

TusStar Malaysia offers the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition by encouraging and recommending Vencubator to connect with the government through the competition to get government support and help to land in Shenyang. Vencubators’ active participation in the competition has helped them to stand out in major innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, placing them at the top of each category:

2021 Beijing Jingxian Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition - Qualified semi-finals

2021 Shenyang Global Project Docking Fair of 2021 China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition - Merit Award

2022 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition International Talent Innovation Forum - Qualified semi-finals

2022 HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneur Competition - Merit Award

2022 Beijing Jingxian Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition - Ongoing

2022 The First Yunnan International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition - Ongoing

X Spaces

xSpaces is an Australian-based company focusing on providing high quality immersive communication experiences across VR, MR, AR, PC and Mobile devices...

xSpaces brings web3.0 communities together by offering a multi-user, simultaneous interactive platform that enriches the users with fully connected virtual world and real world, which supports unlimited value creation and exchanges.

Through TusStar Malaysia, xSpaces actively participated in various competitions and achieved excellent results. Currently, the registration of landing in Shenyang is also ongoing.

  • 2022 Beijing Jingxian Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition X Category - Top 10

  • 2022 China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (The first place in the preliminary round and finally won the third prize)


Braintech focuses on the R&D and production of related terminal products in the field of AI brain-computer interface. At present, the products produced include "Sleeping Baby" to solve insomnia, "Neurobrain Neurofeedback" to solve autism, "BrainTest" to analyse the physiological health of the brain, the system to prevent brain ageing (SMART), and online brain function training "Brain9". In addition to connecting with big health and the use of big data, Braintech is also developing remote control of brain ideas, which is currently in the early stage of being used in VR.

TusStar Malaysia introduced Braintech to attend the 2022 RCEP (Malaysia) Resource Matchmaking Meeting and International Engineers (Nanning, China-Malaysia) Mutual Recognition Consultation and Exchange Meeting. TusStar Malaysia recommended Braintech to participate in various government-level competitions and helped 3 of Braintech's doctoral-level scientific research talents land in the Chinese government talent plan.

Competition that participated in:

  • 2022 China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Outstanding Award

  • Participate in the 2022 Shanghai Global Talents Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition


Cattocity is A comprehensive solution for property development with the smart usage of NFT and Metaverse solution with the combination of exclusive membership with a wonderful reward system integrated with digital payment solution. It can achieve fund-raising, next gen marketing, solving actual problems like selling off unsold units and increasing buyers' sales decisions etc. Cattocity has actively participated in various activities held by TusStar (Malaysia) since joining the TusStar Ecological Membership, and connected with the Metaverse platform and education.

【Best Government Linkage Event】

Dasar Bioteknologi Negara 2.0 (DBN 2.0)

TusStar Malaysia, as the only Chinese incubator brand, was invited to attend the Malaysia Biotechnology Policy 2.0 (DBN 2.0) conference held at the World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur. The government will establish the Malaysian Biotechnology Research Center Alliance to determine the strategic direction to strengthen the biotechnology ecosystem oriented towards value return, public interest and community well-being. During the event, the Former Prime Minister Dato Seri Ismail Sabri Sabri visited the TusStar booth to visit the exhibits and learn about China's advanced biomedical products. The exhibition was hosted by the Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia. Other key guests included the former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Adhan Baba and Deputy Secretary-General Nozman. The sharing guests included Professor Dr Rofina Yasmin Binti Othman from the University of Malaysia, Dr Charlie Yeo, CEO of Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, Mr Giva Kuppusamy, CEO and Founder of GK Aqua Sdn Bhd, Ms Hazami Habib, CEO of Akedemi Sains Malaysia.

China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

2022 China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition has strengthened the connection and interaction between Shenyang's high-quality innovation resources and overseas incubators and technology service agencies, accelerated the implementation of the transformation of innovation achievements with greater efforts, and continuously expanded the service content of innovative industries, which is conducive to creating more diversified and refined service system provides opportunities for overseas talents to participate in the comprehensive revitalization of Shenyang, share new opportunities for development, and jointly create and develop new brilliance.

The 13 projects recommended by TusStar Malaysia, TusStar Singapore and TusStar Australia successfully entered the finals and 13 projects achieved excellent results.

Second Prize: Wild Immersion Production Limited

Third Prize: "Space is the market" to create a Web3.0 metaverse e-commerce platform, MEL Scholar – Make Everyone Love (School Education),ProfilePrint, AOTMed (Precision Surgery),Sight Through Sound For The Blind

Outstanding Award: AORIZON,Second Life EV Battery, Zhiutech - Data Platform Project for Intelligent Planning, Construction and Management of Urban Space, Pop-up Store in TikTok Southeast Asia, Vibration Bed for athlete

Shanghai Global Talents Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Since the start of 2020, Shanghai Global Talents Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition sub-venues will be held "cross-regionally" outside Shanghai for the first time. This competition focuses on key areas of strategic emerging industries and relies on Beijing's all-factor innovation and entrepreneurship ecology to solicit innovation and entrepreneurship projects from all over the world. "Gathering talents in the sea" fully stimulates the vitality of global talents to come to Shanghai for innovation and entrepreneurship, vigorously promotes the deep integration of "talent-led chain, technological innovation chain, industrial development chain, and financial support chain", and accelerates the gathering of a group of leading independent technological innovations to help industrial transformation and upgrading High-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

2022 Beijing Jingxian Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Beijing Jingxian Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition revolves around the two major strategies of urban renewal and industrial transformation in Shijingshan District, focusing on the development of high-tech industries such as modern finance, technological services, digital creativity, new generation information technology, and business services. Under the guidance of the Beijing Talent Work Bureau, the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, and the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, it is hosted by the Shijingshan District Committee and the Shijingshan District People's Government, and undertaken by TusStar.

Investment Opportunities: Digital Economy Malaysia Virtual Seminar

Investment Opportunities: Digital Economy Malaysia Virtual Seminar successfully ended 23 February. The purpose of holding this sharing session is to bring together investors and professionals from all over the world to gain an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and trends of Malaysia's digital economy. This event gathered 11 representatives from different companies to communicate with 4 guests with professional backgrounds.

【Media Highlights】

In 2022, 14 media actively promoted TusStar Malaysia activities and competitions. Among them, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, Guangming Daily, Guanghua Daily, Truth Media and RTM Chinese News and other influential media from around the world have positively reported on the contribution to science and technology innovation of the Malaysian base to China, Malaysia and RCEP, and highlights TusHoldings' network advantages and strength of science and technology innovation.

It is noteworthy that, the CEO of TusStar Malaysia, won the 36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power 100 Awards list and was successfully selected as one of the new business leaders. This good news has been jointly reported by as many as 92 media from China and overseas.

【The Most Outstanding Eco-Partner】

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud, founded in 2009, is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, providing services to thousands of enterprises, developers, and government organisations in more than 200 countries and regions. Committed to the success of its customers, Alibaba Cloud provides reliable and secure cloud computing and data processing capabilities as a part of its online solutions.As a native Asian company and Asia's No. 1 IaaS service provider recognized by Gartner*Alibaba Cloud can accelerate your success in Asia.

Main cooperation projects:

  • 2022 Create @ Alibaba Cloud Global Startup Contest

  • Special guest sharing for Eco-Member Day in October

  • China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale Gold Sponsor


Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei's mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world. To this end, we will drive ubiquitous connectivity and promote equal access to networks to lay the foundation for the intelligent world; provide diversified computing power to deliver ubiquitous cloud and intelligence; build powerful digital platforms to help all industries and organisations become more agile, efficient, and dynamic; redefine user experience with AI, offering consumers a more personalised and intelligent experience across all scenarios, including home, travel, office, entertainment, and fitness & health.

Main cooperation projects:

  • Huawei Spark Accelerator 2022 - Malaysia

  • Huawei Spark Ignite 2022 Global Startup Competition

Malaysia Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI)

Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) is a technology and innovation startup platform that helps businesses, researchers and inventors maximise their return on ideas or ROI at a faster pace while enhancing scalability and optimization synergy.

Main cooperation projects:

  • China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale Host

  • China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale Launching Ceremony

  • 2022 RCEP Industrial Cooperation Summit Sharing Guest

  • MRANTI Global Accelerator Programme 2022 Community Partner

Shenyang Jianzhu University

Shenyang Jianzhu University is located in Shenyang, a national regional central city, on the south bank of the beautiful Hun River. The school is an institution of higher learning co-constructed by the Ministry of Education with its characteristics and advantages in disciplines such as architecture and civil engineering, focusing on engineering, and the coordinated development of engineering, management, science, culture, agriculture, art and other disciplines. Originally affiliated to the Ministry of Construction, it was placed under the management of Liaoning Province in the adjustment of the national school management system in 2000. In 2010, it became a university jointly established by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction and the People's Government of Liaoning Province.

Main cooperation projects:

  • 2022 China Shenyang Overseas Elites Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

  • Assist in the landing of Vencubator, xSpaces, wild immerse, and projects (Vencubator has successfully landed, and xSpace has registered)

The Malaysian Young Graduates Association (GRADUAN)

The GRADUAN Alliance is the first alliance in Malaysia that gathers all college associations across the country. The purpose is to combine the power of young leaders of colleges and associations across the country to jointly promote the development of the country in various aspects such as education, youth and talents. In addition, the GRADUAN also encourages resource sharing mechanisms, covering knowledge, experience, talents, creativity and technology.

Main cooperation projects:

  • Penang Eco Member Day

  • The Inauguration Ceremony of the New Council of GRADUAN

  • China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale Host

  • Launching Ceremony of "China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale"

【Widest International Links】


After the pandemic, TusStar Singapore restarted business in August 2022 and returned to the base in Singapore to expand the local ecosystem and build a network to provide mutually beneficial resources for China and Singapore. As of now, TusStar Singapore has participated in a total of 51 meetings and matchmaking, including government departments Enterprise Singapore, the Australian Consulate in Singapore, the Australian Department of Trade and Investment, and the Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA); Universities include National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, and venture capitals visited include Origin, A*Star, Quest and Cocoon.


In November 2022, TusStar Australia launched in Sydney. Taking the transformation and industrialization of Australia's advanced scientific and technological achievements as its main business, it focuses on promoting Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, and uses the core base in Southeast Asia as a bridge to link Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. It mainly includes new energy (Perth), green technology (Sydney) and biomedicine (Brisbane). In addition, as the main partner, TusStar Malaysia and TusStar Australia were invited to attend the Impact X Summit Sydney 2022 held in Sydney.


With the expansion of Canadian partners in Vietnam, the new base in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam co-branded with TusStar. TusStar will support enterprises to go overseas to ASEAN, high-quality corporate talents attract investment, recruit talents and wisdom, and then expand ASEAN. TusStar Malaysia visited the Vietnam Trade Promotion Bureau and shared TusStar international cooperation experience and incubation cases at Hanoi Agricultural University, Vietnam. During the symposium and lunch exchange meeting between TusStar Malaysia and Vietnamese Congressman, party secretary and chairman of Vietnam Hanoi Agricultural University, Professor Dr. Ruan Thi Lan, the youngest Kovalevskaya Award winner, also expressed our global network layout and expectations to the chairman for cooperation in Vietnam.


From 17 to 18 November 2022, the APEC CEO Summit 2022 held in Bangkok, Thailand. The president of China Xi Jinping delivered a written speech at the summit. Besides, many state presidents and important guests also attend and participate. This multilateral meeting with the theme of "Openness, Connectivity, and Balance" builds consensus, pools wisdom, and finds ways to promote inclusive and sustainable development for various economies.

The CEO of TusStar Malaysia, Ravenna Chen, attended the meeting and said that she was very honoured to represent Chinese youths to participate in the conference. During the meeting, Ravenna communicated with international organisations and companies including Johnson & Johnson, World Environment Foundation, Shanghai University, etc. Everyone expressed their optimism about the cooperation between the Asia-Pacific region. She also introduced Tus-Asia Pacific network layout and international technical exchange achievements.


TusStar Malaysia and Brunsfield Group jointly received a number of famous entrepreneurs from Indonesia to visit TusStar Malaysia. In November, the cooperation intention was determined, and the two parties will cooperate to build an incubator in Bali, Indonesia.

TusStar Malaysia Indonesian investor partner James Kok and Malaysia's Fonebud IoT Berhad's product MSA (Mobile Sharing Assistant) set up a cooperation platform. The TusStar Malaysia joint venture, Brunsfield Group, plans to further expand the science and technology incubator project in Bali and Indonesia. Brunsfield Group joint venture plans to land an incubator in Bali, Indonesia in 2023, adjacent to MIT FAT LAB and Zhejiang University Innovation Center.


TusStar Malaysia would like to thank everyone for their assistance this year. TusStar Malaysia will continue to work hard to bring greater contributions to the science and technology in Malaysia. In the coming year, we will continue to make efforts to promote China-Malaysia science and innovation exchanges and the establishment of a science and innovation ecosystem.

Autumn is gone and spring is coming again. When the spring blossoms in 2023, let us join hands to continue the Go China training camp series of activities. Next year, please look forward to the China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale which will open a new chapter for 2023!

Looking back on the past, TusStar Malaysia thank you for your support and accompany wholeheartedly; TusStar Malaysia is looking forward to the future and will work hard and create a new era together! As the new year approaches, TusStar Malaysia will continue to work hard to create more bright futures for 2023 with everyone!

Please follow the TusStar Malaysia social media platform for more dynamic news

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Facebook & LinkedIn: @TusStar Malaysia

Instagram: @tusstarmy

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