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Beijing Jingxian Cup Competition 2023 is open for registration!

(A) Introduction

Since the inaugural "Beijing·Jingxian Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2021, it has attracted over 2,000 outstanding projects from both domestic and international participants. The participating projects have exhibited characteristics of highly educated teams and relatively mature development stages. The competition provides generous policies and opportunities for landing and settling in Shijingshan, contributing to the innovative, sustainable, and leading development of the Shijingshan district with new vitality.

The third edition of the "Beijing Jingxian Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is about to kick off. With sincere intentions and attractive rewards, the competition provides an excellent platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talents. It also highlights the outstanding entrepreneurial environment and talent-friendly policies in the Shijingshan District to the outside world.

▲Winning Projects of the 2021 Jingxian Cup Competition

▲Winning Projects of the 2022 Jingxian Cup Competition

(B) Competition Organisation

1️⃣Guiding Organisations:

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Talent Affairs

Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission

Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee


Shijingshan District Committee

Shijingshan District People's Government

(C) Competition Schedule

The competition consists of five stages: registration, preliminary, semi-final, online due-diligence, and final. The overall schedule is as follows:

Project Registration

Registration Period: August 18, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Registration Method: Participating projects need to register for the competition through the official competition website ( Click on the link at the end of the article to access the registration page.

Competition Preliminary

Preliminary Round: October 2023

Preliminary Format: After expert judges evaluate the materials submitted by participating projects according to their respective tracks, projects will be selected to advance to the semi-finals.

Competition Semi-final

Semi-final Round: November 2023

Semi-final Format: Projects that advance to the semi-finals will compete for a spot in the finals through either online or offline presentations.

Competition Final

Final Round: December 2023

Final Format: Projects that qualify for the finals will compete offline for first, second, and third prizes, as well as honorable mentions.

Competition Tracks

The 2023 "Beijing·Jingxian Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will collaborate with the Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition to co-host the Internet 3.0 track (including virtual reality and metaverse). There will be a total of four tracks, including:

  1. Internet 3.0 (including virtual reality and metaverse)

  2. Artificial Intelligence and Big Models

  3. Smart City and Internet of Things

  4. Invitational track

Each participating project can only choose one track to participate in.

(D) Requirements

Participating project teams or companies should meet the following criteria:

1. For Team Participants:

  • Teams participating (unregistered companies) should primarily engage in the research and development of cutting-edge technology products and services in emerging industries.

  • Their products and technologies should have a high level of innovation and promising market prospects.

  • Clear ownership of intellectual property rights with no disputes.

  • Team members should have a good reputation and no adverse records.

2. For Company Participants:

  • Participating companies should mainly operate in the research, production, and services of cutting-edge technology products in emerging industries, demonstrating innovation and high growth potential.

  • Companies must have been registered after January 1, 2016.

  • Clear ownership of product, technology, and related patent rights with no disputes.

  • Companies should have sound business operations, a good social reputation, and no adverse records.

3. Team Composition:

  • If participating as a team, the team should not exceed five members.

  • All member information must be provided when submitting the application, and no member substitutions are allowed after entering the semifinal evaluation.

  • Each participating member can only be part of one participating project.

4. Key Team Member:

  • There should be at least one member in the participating team who is a full-time professional responsible for major technical research and development or operational management of the team.

(E) Prizes

The competition rewards consist of cash prizes and office rental subsidies for the "Jingxian Entrepreneurship Town" (granted over a 3-year period) and are disbursed after the participating projects are established.

Prize Categories:

First Prize: 1 winner

  • Cash Prize: ¥300,000 per project

  • Office Rental Subsidy: Not exceeding ¥200,000 per project

  • Total: ¥500,000 (including trophy and certificate)

Second Prize: 2 winners

  • Cash Prize: ¥100,000 per project

  • Office Rental Subsidy: Not exceeding ¥100,000 per project

  • Total: ¥200,000 (including trophy and certificate)

Third Prize: 3 winners

  • Cash Prize: ¥50,000 per project

  • Office Rental Subsidy: Not exceeding ¥50,000 per project

  • Total: ¥100,000 (including trophy and certificate)

Excellence Award: 6 winners

  • Cash Prize: ¥30,000 per project

  • Office Rental Subsidy: Not exceeding ¥20,000 per project

  • Total: ¥50,000 (including trophy and certificate)

Requirements for Prize Redemption

(i) Project Establishment Requirements:

  • Within one year after winning, the project should register and establish a company in Shijingshan District, and have been in actual operation for at least three months, with office space and a certain number of full-time employees.

  • The participating project team or individual should pay social insurance or personal income tax in Shijingshan District.

  • At least one of the three criteria, research and development investment, operating revenue, or financing amount, should meet the relevant requirements.

(ii)Award recipients who meet the above requirements should submit an award redemption application and related materials to the competition organizing committee upon achieving the project establishment requirements. Award winners who do not complete their establishment in Shijingshan District within the specified time and do not meet the actual operating scale requirements will be considered as forfeiting their award.

(iii)The competition organizing committee will conduct a second offline investigation at the project's office location, collaborate with relevant departments to examine the actual business status of the company, verify the authenticity of the registered information, confirm the payment of social insurance and personal income tax by team members in Shijingshan District, review financial status, and financing conditions (if any). The committee will also review original materials and collect photocopies. Once the offline investigation is deemed satisfactory, the award will be distributed.

Establishment of Talent Scout Award

The competition will select up to 5 Talent Scout Awards, with special rewards ranging from ¥50,000 to ¥500,000 RMB. Talent scouts refer to individuals or leaders of enterprises, associations, or organizations who recommend participating projects to the competition.

(F) Policies and guarantees

1st Prize Winners Establishing Projects in Shijingshan District

  1. Individual or Team Core Members: One individual from the winning team will be directly included in the "Jingxian Plan," enjoying "Jingxian Talent" treatment and related services.

  2. After being recognized as "Jingxian Talent," if eligible for Beijing's talent introduction policy, they will be given priority for Beijing's talent introduction and settlement; they can also enjoy a green channel for obtaining Beijing work and residence permits. Foreign talents can receive support for obtaining permanent residence work permits.

Projects Advancing to the Semi-finals and Establishing in Shijingshan District

1. Financial Support:

  • (1) Resident enterprises or institutions in the district that make an annual comprehensive contribution ranging from ¥500,000 (inclusive) to ¥20 million will receive innovative fund rewards based on a tiered scale ranging from 40% to 70% of their annual comprehensive contribution.

  • (2) Special support will be provided to resident financial institutions applying for financing services for specialized and new enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, and unicorn enterprises. They will receive interest subsidies of 50% based on the actual interest paid annually, with a maximum subsidy of ¥1 million per enterprise for up to three years.

  • (3) Listed companies within the district will receive up to ¥10 million in district-level subsidy funds in stages. Resident enterprises that successfully list on the Innovation Layer of the New Third Board will receive ¥1.5 million in district-level subsidies. Newly relocated Innovation Layer-listed companies from outside Beijing will receive ¥1 million in district-level subsidies. Overseas listed companies, once recognized, will receive a maximum of ¥6 million in district-level subsidies. A-share listed companies newly relocated from outside Beijing will receive a maximum of ¥20 million in subsidies from the city and district.

2. Application Scenarios:

  • (1) Encourage research and development of new technologies and products and their application in industrial functional zones and areas related to people's livelihood. After evaluation, support of 30% of the total investment in research and development or application, with a maximum of ¥2 million per project, will be provided.

  • (2) Support the development of emerging formats, actively undertake national and Beijing's new generation information technology research and development, and application demonstration projects. Provide support corresponding to 50% of the subsidy funds obtained from the national or Beijing authorities. Each project can receive a maximum of ¥3 million in support.

3. Financial Services:

  • (1) For enterprises that obtain bank loans for normal operations and improving technological innovation capabilities, they will receive interest subsidies of 50% based on the actual interest paid annually, with a maximum of ¥1 million per year for three consecutive years.

  • (2) Eligible entrepreneurial and innovative projects meeting the investment fund criteria will receive direct investment support from the Modern Innovative Industrial Development Fund of our district to enhance the fund's guidance and support for entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • (3) For cultural enterprises that have gone through the cooperative bank's loan approval process, loan credit enhancement will be provided according to the prescribed procedure, generally not exceeding 30% of the loan amount the credit-enhanced enterprise can obtain, with a maximum of ¥2 million, for a term of 1 year.

  • (4) Micro and small enterprises engaged in joint ventures or joint entrepreneurship can enjoy entrepreneurship guarantee loans. The loan amount can reach up to ¥3 million based on the number of employees they employ. Loans below ¥500,000 are generally exempt from counter-guarantee measures, and the financial department provides partial interest subsidies.

4. Office Space Rental Subsidy:

  • (1) Resident enterprises or institutions that rent office space within the district will receive a subsidy of 50% of the actual rent amount based on the annual comprehensive contribution. This subsidy will be provided for three consecutive years.

  • (2) Resident enterprises or institutions that purchase office space within the district measuring 1,000 square meters (inclusive) or more will receive a subsidy of ¥1,500 per square meter, with a maximum subsidy of ¥30 million, upon verification.

5. Free Office Space: Teams or individuals that meet the requirements for settling in incubators will be provided with rent-free space for up to 3 years in "Jingxian Entrepreneurship Town."

6. Enterprise Registration: Provide full-process services such as personnel agency, social insurance agency, and free business registration agency for award-winning projects, as well as free business registration addresses.

7. Incubation and Cultivation: Priority recommendations for award-winning projects to connect with various types of venture capital institutions in various forms, obtain direct investment opportunities from the fund, and connect with cooperation investment institutions of the competition. Regularly hold industry matchmaking events to provide award-winning projects with direct connections to leading companies, large state-owned enterprises, and listed companies in the industry.

8. Mentorship Guidance: A team of entrepreneurship mentors composed of members of the "University Alliance in Western Beijing" or angel/venture capitalists provides tracking guidance for enterprises at different stages. Coordinate and connect with high-quality enterprises in the district, high-quality incubators in the district, and provide counseling and connection platforms throughout the competition and after the competition.

9. "One Enterprise, One Strategy": For enterprises or institutions that make significant contributions to the economy, have strong development potential, and have strong industrial driving force, they will receive "one enterprise, one strategy" policy support.

(G) Competition Consultancy

Lucas Chin

WeChat :tingsheng_686

WhatsApp: +6017 8121 270

*Please indicate your interest in participating in this competition when adding contacts.

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