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China’s First Certified Gelatin Manufacturer is looking for Partnership Opportunities in SEA!

About the Company

Located in Qinghai Biotechnology Industrial Park, Qinghai EASY JOB Bioengineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 as the first enterprise in China to obtain the production license of gelatin sheets (production license No. : SC20163010501027), and also the second factory in the world to produce gelatin sheets. Based on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the fourth pole of the world, the company is committed to the research and development of green ecological pollution-free highland resources, and creating high-quality health products. It owns more than 2000 square meters of GMP clean workshops and 5 production lines which are independently researched and developed. The company's current annual output reached 1000 tons.

The company uses high quality bone gelatin from Qinghai-Tibet highland as raw material, and produces high-tech products such as gelatin sheets and gelatin powder. It is the first new high-tech enterprise in China to produce such products, filling the gap of gelatin sheet manufacturers in China.

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Company Highlights
  1. The founder is experienced in gelatin manufacturing research and has a professional technical R&D team, which effectively ensures the continuous innovation of the products.

  2. World’s only industrial enterprise that simultaneously realizes informationized production management, full network broadcast of production process and full product chain traceability.

  3. Cover markets in China and exporting to well-known enterprises such as Haagen-Dazs, Disney, Angel, CofCO, Daliyuan, etc.

  4. Have many registered trademarks and patents, and their award winning production technology is certified by the China government.

Product Introduction

The company's main "DELICI" brand of gelatin sheet products contain 18 kinds of amino acids, including 7 kinds of necessary amino acids for the human body. It contains less than 16% of water and inorganic salts, and more than 82% of protein, which is a ideal protein source. With good health and beauty effecst, as well as excellent colloid maintainability, surface activity, thinness, film forming property, suspension, infiltration, stability and water solubility, it is widely used in mousse cake, jelly, pudding, ice cream, yogurt and other food fields, popular among many domestic and foreign food enterprises.

The company current produces "DELICI" gelatin sheets (including two specifications--"DELICI" 5.0g and "DELICI" 2.5g) and "David" gelatin sheets ((including two specifications--"David" 2.5g and "David" 5.0g), "Berrnland Farm" gelatin sheets (including two specifications--"Berrnland Farm" 2.5g and "Berrnland Farm" 5.0g), "Berrnland Farm" gelatin sheets for catering industry, "Jinjieli" gelatin sheets for mousse, "DELICI" gelatin powder, "Jinjieli" gelatin powder for mousse.

Advanced Equipment and Machinery

Dissolving Tank

Drying Equipment

Atomic Absorber

Packaging Machine

Cutting Machine

Seeking Partnership Opportunities

Easy Job Bioengineer is looking for:

  • Investment: Funding

  • Cooperation : Strategic

  • Technique output: Expansion to SEA

At present, the company has a good market share and good performance in the Chinese market. As a national enterprise, our goal is not limited as this. Under the leadership and guidance of the "Belt and Road" initiative, the company is committed to promoting our gelatin products abroad as a way of revitalizing national enterprises and national brands.

Under the national policy of "Belt and Road" initiative, it follows the general trend for our company to cooperate with the base in Malaysia. The cooperation can not only help us to export our gelatin products abroad, but also contribute to the local economic development. At the same time, as the first Chinese company which has gained the gelatin production license, our company has made all production equipment based on independent research and development, and has achieved many patents and copyrights in gelatin industry with proven techniques. The technique output to Malaysia can not only promote trade and technological exchanges between the two countries, but also can promote the local gelatin industry and technical development of gelatin derivative industry.

For inquiries and more information, please contact:

Shiny Janice

WhatsApp: +6017 917 9557


WhatsApp: +6012 283 7334

Official Website:

Facebook: @TusStar Malaysia

LinkedIn: @TusStar Malaysia

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