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China-Singapore Integration, Eco-Enabling, Singapore Eco-Member Waiting For You

Updated: Feb 15

In order to accelerate Singapore’s science and technology innovation enterprises, government, dominant industries, universities and research institutes, innovation and entrepreneurship service institutions, media and other enterprises to be accessible to resourceful business networks, benefits and information, TusStar Asia Bridge has launched the Eco membership which combines the endowment of China and Singapore by integrating the resources of government, university, industry, capital, service cooperation and media fields to provide to Eco members. TusStar Asia Bridge will provide customised value-added services for different industries and fields of Eco members to create an innovation ecosystem of the sharing economy.

【What is Eco Membership?】


TusStar Asia Bridge works closely with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), effectively integrating the global innovation network layout of China TusHoldings in 40+ countries and 80+ cities around the world, with resources of over 20,000 innovation and technology enterprises, as well as the comprehensive resources of over 1,000 industrial ecological partners, state-owned enterprises, high-quality cooperation institutions, governments and industrial resources of various countries, and pool of over 40 billion equity investment funds. In the form of formal resource service products, a new network two-way supply model is formed between eco member enterprises.

TusStar Asia Bridge not only provides all-round, full cycle, full chain resource supply for the development of eco members, but also provides ASEAN enterprises with an "inner cycle" market based on the ecological system of more than 200,000 enterprises and 3 million high-end communities. After becoming a member, the most direct benefit for enterprises is that they can obtain various resources needed from TusStar Asia Bridge ecological platform, expand the market and enable growth by relying on the broad ecological platform, and jointly build an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem based on the sharing economy.

Service System

By integrating various professional fields of technology, equipment, information, capital, market, human resources and other resources, TusStar Asia Bridge will provide member enterprises with innovation and entrepreneurship, market research, soft landing packages and provide innovative entrepreneurs with more high-end, professional, and customised value-added services.

In addition, TusStar Asia Bridge adopts the open platform cooperation structure, which can provide the incubation acceleration service of the whole life cycle for member enterprises. From strict selection of service providers, to precise matching of enterprise needs, and then to service process monitoring, it can meet the development needs of member companies in different stages from establishment to listing.

Open Service Platform:

【About Eco Membership】

Application Process

  1. Fill out the application form:

  2. Your application will be reviewed by IMDA and TusStar for the evaluation process.

  3. Applicants will receive an email/message three days prior to the online pitching session, and will be graded by TusStar and IMDA (15 minutes pitching + 15 minutes Q&A session) with all the details if you pass the first evaluation.

  4. Applicants will receive a follow-up and payment email/message if you are selected to join the programme.

Membership Fee

SGD2,999 per annum

Eco Membership Benefits Package:

Recruitment Requirements

1. Registered as a company for more than 1 year (country of registration is not restricted)

2. At least 3 management or executive staffs (including founders)

Target of Recruitment

1. Overseas scientific and technological innovation enterprises and innovation institutions willing to expand the Singapore market.

2. Scientific and technological innovation enterprises and innovation institutions of ASEAN countries that are willing to expand the Chinese market.

【What’s in it for you?】

TusStar Asia Bridge Eco Membership Program will continuously empower innovative enterprises, and every member who joins can enjoy the following exclusive services:

1. Funding Opportunities

TusStar Monthly Pitching Crush is a monthly event held by TusStar Asia-Pacific. It integrates well-known investors and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region to help scientific and technological innovation enterprises, seek potential cooperation and financing opportunities with potential partners and resources.

2. Events and Programmes

TusStar Asia Bridge has launched several tailored events and programmes such as Eco Member Day, Go China Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp, Go RCEP, Entrepreneur Training camp, Canada Acceleration Program, China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit for science and technology innovation enterprises to brush up their skills, increase startup’s exposure, funding opportunities and networking opportunities to elevate their soft skill, hard skill and knowledge of the tech industries.

3. Entrepreneurship Competition

China's government-level entrepreneurship competition builds an innovation ecosystem and boosts the growth of tech startups by assisting their market expansion to China with the aid in providing business resources, favourable business policies, funding, etc. Eco members have the privilege of having a guarantee or recommendation access to the government-level entrepreneurship competitions provided by TusStar Asia Bridge.

4. Co-working Space

TusStar Asia Bridge provides 24/7 access to co-working space in PIXEL (well known as the Silicon Valley in Singapore) for a period of 6 months. Renewal would need to be done every 6 months. PIXEL is equipped with a unique mix of facilities and equipment for technology, media and design. The facilities and equipment are designed to embed customer centricity into product.

Company Environment Display:

5. Pitch Deck Tutorial

TusStar Asia Bridge provides a pitch deck tutorial and one-to-one pitch deck consultancy to prepare startups for investment pitch, business pitch as well as competition pitch.

6. Preferential Service

20% discount is entitled for all Eco members on TusStar Asia Bridge-related services including Go China soft landing programme, Go Global soft landing programme , business exploration trip, and E-commerce product landing in China services etc to provide an end-to-end service to accelerate startup’s growth and market expansion.

7. Access the TusStar 300+ Global Incubators

TusStar Asia Bridge has formed a large global network by establishing incubators that covered 80 cities, which includes China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries, as many as 300 TusStar incubators (160+ incubators in China) which in partnership and collaboration with governments, universities, developer companies or leading industry players that are accessible for Eco members to have a “shelter” in different cities for their business trip or working needs.

TusStar 300+ Global Incubators:

【Advantages of Becoming TusStar Asia Bridge Eco Member】

Singapore's Strengths:

Singapore is a major financial centre in Asia and is consistently recognized as the freest economy in the world. It has a good infrastructure and financial system, a stable political system, an open business policy and a highly skilled talent pool. With the deepening of “the Belt and Road Initiatives”, Singapore, as an important node of the "Maritime Silk Road", has been favoured by Chinese companies and companies from all over the world. Chinese companies are using Singapore as a springboard to enter emerging markets in Asia, and companies from around the world are also entering China through Singapore.

Singapore tops the list of Top 10 gadgets:

TusStar Asia Bridge Advantages:

1. Based on IMDA, the Singapore base is connected with the innovation centres of Fortune 500 groups such as FACEBOOK, Disney and IBM to expand the circle of friends in Singapore

2. As an official Chinese enterprise launching pad project of IMDA, TusStar Asia Bridge is directly elected into the government project database

【Contact Us】

1. Revenna

Director of Global Relations (Asia-Pacific)

COO of TusStar Air Bridge

Contact Number: +011 2312 7187 (MY)


2. Ellie

Project Manager of TusStar Air Bridge

Public Relations & Communications Manager of TusStar Malaysia

Contact Number: +018 940 2282 (MY)


【About Us】

TusStar was founded in 1999, through the “entrepreneurship training + incubation service + open platform + angel investment” and other ways, with the advantage of industry leading enterprises, TusStar gather professional resources, cultivate leading talents of science and technology entrepreneurship, and explore and promote scientific and technological innovation and creation of world-class enterprises in poor provinces. There are now more than 300 TusStar incubators in more than 80 cities around the world.

TusStar Asia Bridge is the 160th incubator across the world of TusStar, which works closely with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). We are focused on artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, smart city, IoT, media and other technology-related fields. TusStar Asia Bridge aims to assist technology startups for their market expansion in Singapore and China as well as Asia Pacific region. In 2020, TusStar helps more than 200 Chinese technology startups to expand their business in Singapore through IMDA-TusStar Exchange Programme.

What are you waiting for?

Join TusStar Asia Bridge now, we will accompany you on the road of Entrepreneurship.

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