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AMSIB x TusStar: Boost the development of innovation & entrepreneurship among Chinese & Malaysian

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

TusStar (Malaysia) has become the supporting partner for the upcoming event themed, ‘Mobile Commerce’, and which it is titled as “AMSIB Challenge 2022: A Cross Border Business Case Study Competition.” This is the second cooperation between TusStar (Malaysia) and the Association of Malaysian Students in Beijing (AMSIB). Previously, TusStar (Malaysia) was the strategic partner for the “Sembang Kuat! 2021” debate competition that was also held by AMSIB and has received a certificate and a medal of cooperation from AMSIB. The event was held not only to provide a platform for university students to showcase their talents and improve their verbal communications skills and impromptu skills but also to boost the fellowship between Malaysian and Chinese university students. TusStar (Malaysia) has also assisted AMSIB in the event by scouting for judges for the “Sembang Kuat! 2021” debate competition.

On the 25th to 26th of September 2021, the judges involved for the debate competition were Ms. Ravenna Chen and Mr. Felice Wang Fei. Mr. Wang Fei is an alumni of Tsinghua University. While he was still in school, he represented Tsinghua University in debating and participated in many different kinds of debate competitions. He was invited as a judge and also a guest to many different kinds of local and international debate competitions. Mr. Wang Fei has over 6 years of experience in business management in which 3 years of it are in Europe and also 6 years of incubator management and investing experience. He has served as an executive in a world class multinational enterprise and possesses very in depth knowledge about the technological industry. He can view and analyse the entire industry in a macroscopic manner and is an expert in holding onto industry trends. Mr. Wang Fei also has extensive experience in picking up talents and the all-around management of a company.

Ms. Ravenna Chen loves debating and has been a participator and also a judge for several debate competitions. She is currently the CEO of TusStar (Malaysia). She is one of the Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders and was the president for the International Green Design Innovation Alliance of Youth (IGDiAY). She is also the only international member of council in the well-known non-governmental organisation in Malaysia, GRADUAN.


In January of 2022, AMSIB and TusStar (Malaysia) officially established their cooperation in a new project. The new event is themed, ‘Mobile Commerce’, and the title of the event is: “AMSIB Challenge 2022: A Cross Border Business Case Study Competition.” The competition will be held from February 2022 to April 2022 with an estimated number of participants of 100 groups (400 participants). The registration fee will be RMB10/person and the venue will be planned according to the monetary resources and restrictions due to COVID-19. The medium of language used in this competition will be English. This event will be opened to all students in Malaysia and China who are currently undergoing their full-time undergraduate programme. One thing to note, every team should consist of at least 1 Malaysian member.

TusStar (Malaysia) will offer internship/ full-time employment opportunities, forum speakers, judges and company tours for the event.

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