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【Expansion Opportunity】Visit China's Modern Agriculture Technology

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Seeking new frontiers for your business growth? Interested in tapping into the vast potential of the Chinese market? We have an incredible opportunity for you!

TusStar Malaysia and the Agricultural Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base will collaborate to facilitate a business delegation from Malaysia focused on agricultural technology from 3rd September - 8th September 2023. The delegation will embark on a comprehensive business visit to Beijing and Shandong, with the aim of gaining in-depth insights into the local modern agriculture development trends. Additionally, the visit will provide a valuable opportunity to fully comprehend the business environment and policies within the agricultural sector in specific regions of China. The objective of this visit is to explore potential commercial prospects and forge strategic partnerships in the agricultural technology field.

Highlights of the Trip

Accompanying TusStar Malaysia on this journey, participants will have the privilege to:

  • Discover Market Potential

Uncover promising opportunities in China's vibrant and dynamic agricultural technology sector. Connect with key decision-makers, investors, and industry experts who can assist you in seizing market opportunities.

  • Establish Partnerships

Forge alliances with Chinese counterparts to collaborate on research and development projects, driving sustainable growth and market penetration.

  • Gain Market Insights

Acquire valuable insights into the Chinese agricultural technology landscape, including market trends, regulatory frameworks, and consumer behaviors'.

  • Showcase Technological Innovations

Present your cutting-edge technologies to potential customers and investors, enhancing brand visibility and attracting potential partners.

  • Cultural Exchange in China

Immerse yourself in the rich Chinese culture, build networks, and facilitate cross-cultural collaborations.


Who should join: Agricultural technology companies, smart agriculture, food and health, technological innovation, agricultural international trade, seed industry etc.

Travel Investment: MYR 7,800 per person, including accommodation, transportation, and meals

Note: Visa and airfare are not included.

Registration QR Code:

Registration Deadline: 16th Aug 2023


Hosted by: Agricultural Zhongguancun Management Committee, Tus-Street, TusStar (Malaysia)

Co-organized by: TusStar Green Valley, TusStar (Shanghai), TusStar (Weifang), TusStar (Singapore)

Contact Information

Contact Person: Shiny Janice


WeChat ID: ShinyJanice WhatsApp: +6017-9179557

Background Information:

Why China?

China is a major agricultural country and agriculture plays a significant role in its economic development. The total cultivated area of crops in China has remained stable at around 2.5 billion mu (approximately 166 million hectares) for a long time. The 20th National Congress Report outlined the goals of accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural nation, promoting rural revitalization, implementing innovation-driven development strategies, and achieving high-level technological self-reliance and self-strengthening. The Beijing Municipal Government Work Report emphasized the implementation of the Agricultural Zhongguancun Construction Action Plan, the accelerated construction of the Beijing-Wanjin Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center, and the deepening of seed industry revitalization actions. The Beijing Rural Work Conference proposed the goal of accelerating the construction of Agricultural Zhongguancun and creating a national-level agricultural science and technology innovation hub. These measures aim to accelerate the construction of a strong agricultural nation.

Unit Introductions:

Beijing Visit Points:

Tus Holding Headquarters, Tsinghua Science and Technology Park

Established in July 2000, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Tus-Holdings") was formerly known as the Tsinghua Science Park Development Center, which was established in August 1994. Tus-Holdings is a technology investment holding group that focuses on technology services and relies on Tsinghua University. It is responsible for the development, construction, and operation of the Tsinghua Science Park and is one of the first national demonstration units in the modern service industry.

Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd., a mixed-ownership enterprise listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, is controlled by Beijing COFCO Tunhe Food Group. The company's product range covers various categories including infant formula milk powder, regular and low-temperature liquid milk, fermented milk, functional dairy products, dairy beverages, cheese, and ice cream. Additionally, they are involved in upstream frozen semen for cattle breeding, pasture equipment, and technical services. The company has maintained its leading position in the domestic market for frozen semen in the cattle industry. They have three bull breeding stations, 30 high-quality pastures, and 17 production and processing bases worldwide, with international presence in Canada, New Zealand, and France. The company owns well-known brands such as "Sanyuan," "Bayi," "Jizhi," "Ailiyou," "Lühe," and "BDCC."

Beijing Zhongguancun Agricultural Science and Technology Park Innovation Factory in Pinggu

Beijing Zhongguancun Agricultural Science and Technology Park Innovation Factory is located in the core area of the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Zone in Yukuou Town, Pinggu District, Beijing. The park has attracted important scientific research institutions and leading agricultural enterprises such as Beijing-Wanjin Center, Zhongzhi Research Institute, COFCO Group, National Agricultural Research Institute, and Dawei Jia.

Beijing Huadu Yukou Poultry Co., Ltd.

Beijing Huadu Yukou Poultry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Beijing COFCO Group and is a world-class poultry breeding enterprise, one of the largest egg-layer breeding companies globally. The company is mainly engaged in egg and meat chicken breeding, parent stock propagation, chick promotion, and technological services.

Xiying School of Science and Technology, China Agricultural University

Xiying School of Science and Technology is a research institute for agricultural unmanned aerial systems based on the College of Science at China Agricultural University. It is led by Professor He Xiongkui, a leading professor at China Agricultural University, and is dominated by the Pharmaceutical Equipment and Application Technology Research Center and the High-level Innovation Team of Intelligent Agriculture Unmanned Systems.

TusStar Green Valley Innovation Enterprise Accelerator

TusStar Green Valley Innovation Enterprise Accelerator

The TusStar Green Valley Innovation Enterprise Accelerator is a technology innovation service platform under TusStar that focuses on the vertical agriculture field, building an agricultural technology industry ecosystem, and deepening the technological innovation service chain for enterprises. It relies on the construction of the Pinggu Zhongguancun Agricultural Science and Technology Park, integrating domestic and international agricultural technology industry innovation resources based on the development needs of agricultural technology innovation enterprises. With a focus on technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation, innovative talent development, and international exchanges, the accelerator targets high-growth technology-based enterprises in the fields of smart agriculture, biotechnology, food nutrition, and health. It provides full lifecycle technology services, incubation services, and investment services to comprehensively accelerate and empower the rapid development of enterprises.

Shandong Visit Points:

China (Shouguang) Vegetable Town

China (Shouguang) Vegetable Town is a modern and efficient agricultural demonstration base and circular economy industrial park invested, constructed, and managed by Shandong Caijin Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. The vegetable town is positioned for agricultural sightseeing, tourism, and culture, providing services such as tourism sightseeing, leisure entertainment, fruit and vegetable picking, and scientific experience.

Weifang Dongli Pastoral Complex

Weifang Dongli Pastoral Complex is a comprehensive complex based on tomato cultivation, deep processing, and warehousing logistics. It aims to create six demonstration zones for modern agriculture, life services, leisure tourism, health and wellness, and education.

Shandong Delisi Food Co., Ltd.

Shandong Delisi Food Co., Ltd. is a food company that has received over 800 honours. It has been identified as one of the first batch of key leading agricultural industrialization enterprises in China and has a national-level technology centre, post-doctoral research workstations, and national-level laboratories.

Shandong Huifa Food Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huifa Food Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive food enterprise that specializes in the research, production, sales, and supply chain services of pre-made dishes and healthy ingredients. The company has five production bases and has been honoured with titles such as "National Safety Production Standardization Level 1 Enterprise" and "High-tech Enterprise."

TusStar Weifang Base

The TusStar Weifang Base will host a networking and exchange meeting, providing an opportunity for in-depth discussions and learning from local companies regarding their experiences and development. Also, learn about modern agriculture in Shandong Weifang. Weifang City has developed a path of modern agriculture characterized by scale, intelligence, standardization, quality, and branding, with a focus on technological innovation and industrial integration. It is worth exploring and learning from their experience.

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