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Don't miss the chance to join our impressive guest line-up and explore the future of technology!

China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale

【Guest Lineup】

In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology has become an important driving force leading global economic and social development. With the deepening of China-Malaysia relations, the China-Malaysia Science and Technology Summit aims to deepen the cooperation between China and Malaysia in the field of science and technology innovation, promote the business environment and related policies of science and technology innovation between Malaysia and China. It is expected to strengthen the cooperation and contact between important scientific and technological industry organizations of China and Malaysia, expand the channels of business interaction and scientific and technological exchange, and promote the innovation, integration and development of regional economies.

In this forum, important guests from China and Malaysia will gather here to contribute to this grand event. The guests includes government units, academic experts, industry leaders and famous venture investors in the field of science and technology innovation from both China and Malaysia. The topic is to discuss the trend and direction of future science and technology development together. This summit will serve as an important exchange platform for scientific and technological cooperation between China and Malaysia to inject new vitality into scientific, technological innovation and economic development of the two countries.

Honorary guest

H.E Ouyang Yujing

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Malaysia

YB Chang Lih Kang

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation

Notable Guest

Mr. Zhang Jinsheng

Executive President of Tus-Holdings

President of Tus-Holdings


Ms. Ravenna Chen

CEO of TusStar Malaysia

Mr. Wei Jiashen

General Manager of TusStar Shenzhen

Mr. Wang Fei

Deputy General Manager of TusStar

Deputy General Manager of TusStar General Manager of TusStar Asia Bridge

Mr. Mohamad Haris Kader Sultan

Chief Executive of Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA)

Special guest

Theme Sharing

The summit will center around the theme of "Innovation, Cooperation, and Mutual Benefits" that will serve as a platform for cross-border collaboration between prominent figures in the fields of science and technology innovation from China and Malaysia. The objective is to foster more extensive and profound exchanges that provide a broader platform for scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.

Ms. Xu Yunqi

Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Angel FOF Management CO, .LTD

Datuk Fadzli Abdul Wahit

Senior Vice President,Digital Industry Development of MDEC

Mr. Tan Chin Chun

Solutions Architect of Malaysia of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

【Panel Discussion】

The panel discussion will mainly discuss “Application scenarios of unmanned system in the field of China-Malaysia science and technology innovation” and “Digital Transformation Technology of China-Malaysia Manufacturing Industry in the Era of Industry 4.0”. The event will bring together top figures from the field of science and innovation to share their insights and experiences. Their discussions will help attendees better understand current challenges, opportunities, and how to address them to seize opportunities.

Panel Judges

The panel judges of this summit brings top investor institutions from various industries together to ensure the assessment and recommendations of pitching crush is of the highest level of professionalism and authority that aim to provide the most comprehensive and targeted feedback to pitching companies.

Mr. Kamarul A. Muhamed

Founder & Group CEO of Aerodyne Group

Mr. Raymond Chin

CEO of NEOLIX Autonomous Vehicle

Mr. Yang Mingdi

Director of South China Region TusUAV

Captain Ling Liong Tien

Chief Safety Officer of AirAsia Aviation Group & Head of AirAsia Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Mr. Yee Wing Ping

CEO of Deloitte Malaysia

Mr. Andy Lu

Senior Vice President of Robot Plus Plus

Dr Chua Wen Shyan

Head of Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0, Selangor Human Resource Development Centre

Mr. Liu Zongbin

CEO of Cartesian Shield (Beijing)

Mr. Peter Pan

General Manager, International Innovation Hub & Centre of Excellence of MRANTI

Mr. Anson Chong Kah Kee

Country Manager of Siasun Automation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Event Details

The event will be mainly divided into two sessions. The morning session - China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit will conduct booth exhibitions, signing ceremonies, and hold major events such as theme sharing and roundtable forums. The afternoon session - Pitching Crush Grand Finale will hold the final of top ten startup pitch of TusStar Malaysia in both Chinese and English.

Date: 20th March 2023

Time:9am - 6pm


TusStar Malaysia sincerely invites entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators and investors from the tech sector to participate in the China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale. This is a precious opportunity for participants to mingle with industry leaders, learn about the latest developments in science and technology, and explore potential areas of cooperation between China and Malaysia. At the same time, the participants who cannot attend the event in person can also learn about the event through Facebook and Zoom's live streaming. Please follow our official social media platform for more on-time information. By participating in the summit, participants will contribute to the development of an innovative science and technology ecosystem in both countries.

- Invitation -

20th March 2023

Join hand in hand

【China-Malaysia Science and Technology Innovation Summit & Pitching Crush Grand Finale】

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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