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[Eco Member Day] How NFT will Innovate The Real Estate Industry

Time sure flies, TusStar Malaysia Eco Member day was held on 17th Jan 2023, at the same time celebrating the upcoming Lunar New Year! Shiny Janice, Senior Manager of TusStar Malaysia delivered her speech to welcome the guests and spoke about TusStar Incubator in Malaysia while Chin Ting Sheng hosted the event.

As our very first Eco member day in 2023, we invited Serah, the COO of CattoCity, a tech start-up involved in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), aims to play an active role in Malaysia’s property sector, especially in helping to market unsold properties by using its NFTs to obtain special purchasing privileges, to be the speaker of the month. She shared about “How would NFTs Change the Real Estate Industry”, and showed everyone how NFT can innovate with the real estate industry from different perspectives.

Serah precisely explained how NFT can innovate with the real estate industry, allowing participants to have a more comprehensive and clear understanding of NFT's usage and innovation in the application field.

Serah took NFT start-ups as the topic, and requested everyone to strike a balance between the three elements of "participation, circle and consumer choice" in addition to the content of the sharing, to elevate growth within start-ups that can be accepted in the market.

At the end of the event, we also had a Yee Sang tossing ceremony to celebrate the new year, in hopes of an auspicious and joyous year.

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