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Invitation to the 2nd China-Malaysia Science & Technology Innovation Summit Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Establishment ! 

Updated: Feb 1

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia in 1974, the collaborative engagement between the two nations has consistently progressed. The China-Malaysia partnership has resulted in numerous opportunities and benefits across the political, economic, cultural, and educational domains. The 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties underscores the depth and solidity of bilateral relations, establishing a robust foundation for future collaborations.

To commemorate this significant milestone, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Malaysia is pleased to announce the 2nd China-Malaysia Science & Technology Innovation Summit, themed “Fostering Collaborative Innovation, Building the Future Together”. This event is scheduled to take place in Kuala Lumpur from March 6 to March 7, 2024. The summit will focus on three pivotal areas: artificial intelligence, agricultural technology, and biomedicine

Distinguished figures in the fields of science and innovation from China and Malaysia, including Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Malaysia, H.E Ouyang Yujing and  Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI),  YB Chang Lih Kang have been invited as guests of honor. This event will officially be integrated into the series of activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia.

Event Details

In this esteemed summit, TusStar collaborates with the Malaysia Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) alongside other esteemed organizations, institutions, and enterprises specializing in science and technology innovation in both China and Malaysia. The event encompasses a meticulously orchestrated program, including an opening ceremony, theme sharing, fireside chats, exhibitions, global tech disrupt, pitching crush, and various other activities. These diverse formats are strategically devised to facilitate and elevate cooperation and exchanges among Chinese and Malaysian science and technology enterprises, ultimately fostering substantial breakthroughs in bilateral science and technology innovation cooperation.

  • Summit Schedule: March 6 to March 7, 2024

  • Venue: MRANTI Park

  • Area of Focus:Artificial Intelligence, Agricultural Technology, Biomedicine

Event Highlights

1. International Stage Recognition:

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Malaysia has officially designated this summit as a key commemorative initiative for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. This designation is poised to elicit heightened attention and support at the governmental level of both countries. The primary objective is to underscore the significance of the enduring friendship between the two nations, further fortifying bilateral relations among governments, enterprises, and research institutions.

2. Gathering of Distinguished Guests:

Dignitaries from Chinese and Malaysian ministries will grace the summit to witness the strategic cooperation between business representatives, culminating in the signing of cooperation agreements. This collaborative effort aims to propel the successful execution and implementation of projects with the steadfast support of the government.

3. Participation of High-End Sub-Forum Attendees:

Top domestic and international scientists, university presidents, renowned entrepreneurs, distinguished representatives of international organizations, government agencies, and venture investors will convene. In addition to delving into the China-Malaysia trade and investment environment, participants will engage in profound discussions on cutting-edge topics in artificial intelligence, agricultural technology, and biomedicine. Moreover, the summit will feature insights on strategies and experiences of venturing into ASEAN markets, covering legal aspects, financial services, cloud technology, and landing services. This integrated high-end service pattern aims to construct a robust and noble bridge for China-Malaysia cooperation.

4. Mutual Assistance:

The 7th season of the "Go China Bootcamp" for overseas high-quality science and technology enterprises is tentatively scheduled, with an address by the Minister of Economic Affairs of Malaysia. The initiative seeks to assist overseas science and technology projects in understanding China's regional characteristics through regional economic introductions, facilitating cross-border exchanges, and fostering Sino-foreign multilateral science and technology cooperation. Simultaneously, Tus Holdings' global innovation network will unite relevant industry leaders and upstream and downstream innovative enterprises. This collaboration aims to assist large enterprises in realizing the implementation of innovative achievements, promoting substantial exchanges and cooperation between large and small enterprises, thereby injecting robust momentum into enterprise development.

5. Precision in Capital and Project Integration:

The summit will inaugurate a global recruitment drive, selecting 10 enterprises to conduct professional roadshows, encompassing 5 presentations in English and 5 in Chinese to showcase high-quality projects. This endeavor aims to attract top investment institutions worldwide from Southeast Asia, Canada, Australia, and other countries, providing a financing service platform for participating enterprises.

6. High-End Exhibition Tour:

17 high-tech enterprises will be provided with booths, offering participants a close-up experience of the allure of science and technology. Chinese and Malaysian government leaders will visit the booths, affording participating companies the opportunity to present their latest development achievements to the governments, investment institutions, and potential partners of both countries. This platform emphasizes the commercial value of their technology.

Event Agenda

Note: The agenda is preliminary and is subject to adjustment based on actual circumstances. 

Enterprise Participation Modes

1.Exhibiting as a Representative Enterprise:

As a Diamond and Gold-level exhibitor, the summit offers comprehensive media exposure opportunities. Brands will be prominently featured before, during, and after the event on major social media platforms, including but not limited to WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. During the tours led by senior government leaders from China and Malaysia, participating companies will enjoy exclusive privileges and engage in in-depth dialogue opportunities. This interaction enables the establishment of robust cooperative relationships within extensive networks involving enterprises, research institutions, and international experts from both countries.

2.  Airtime Sharing Session (For Chinese Only):

As Diamond-level co-organizers, Gold co-organizers, and Silver co-organizers, the government and the park will conduct exclusive high-end promotion sessions. These sessions aim to promote the city, showcase its outstanding achievements and potential in the fields of the economy, culture, science, and technology, and attract global investment and cooperation opportunities. This period not only provides investors and enterprises with rich information and reference but also facilitates a deep understanding of the current situation and future prospects of the region. Moreover, it supports the introduction of more investment, projects, and talents, fostering the vigorous development and sustainable growth of the city's economy.

3. As a Demand Release Guest:

The Global Tech Disrupt 2024 serves as a platform for large enterprises to address their needs, providing an opportunity to discover innovative solutions through interactions with small enterprises. This collaboration aims to address issues related to innovative technology, infusing the power of innovative technology into business operations to enhance global competitiveness.

2024 Organization Structure (Tentative)

Guiding Units 

Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Malaysia (MOSTI) 

Ministry of Economy of Malaysia

Ministry Of Communications And Digital of Malaysia

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Malaysia 

China Association for Science and Technology

Hosted by

Malaysia Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI)

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)


Co-hosted by

Tsinghua Southeast Asia Center

China-ASEAN Business Council

Organised by

TusStar APAC

Malaysian Young Graduates Association  (GRADUAN)

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC)

Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC) 

The Federation of Malaysia Chinese Guilds Association (FEMACGA)

The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM)

China Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia (PUCM)

Malaysia Jiangsu Entrepreneurs Business Association

Malaysia - China Friendship Association

Co-organised by

International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) 

Asean Federation of Smart Industry

Brunsfield International Group

Malaysia Association of Sustainable Supply Chain & Innovation (MASSCI)

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)


Junior Chamber International Bukit Mertajam

Melaka Creative Arts & Culture Association

TusStreet Future Industrial Innovation Center

TusPark International Technology Transfer Co.,Ltd.  (TUS-tech)

TusStar (Sanya) Technology Business Incubator

TusStar (Jinan Start-up Area)

Eight Major Chinese Youth-based Organizations (EMCO) 

TusStar Shenzhen

The Association of Graduates from Tsinghua University Malaysia 

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Easy on Air

Annual Review of Events in 2023

A comprehensive review utilizing visual content to encapsulate key moments and highlights from the summit. Kindly access the provided link to view pertinent video content:

1.​​Bilateral Cooperation

The collaborative partnership between the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI) and TusStar (Malaysia) has been officially formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Simultaneously, TusStar (Shenzhen), Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER), and TusStar (Malaysia) have entered into a significant MOU. The signing ceremony, graced by distinguished dignitaries, including Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Malaysia, HE Ouyang Yujing; Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Malaysia, YB Chang Lih Kang; and Executive President of Tus-Holdings, Mr. Zhang Jinsheng, represents a momentous occasion in fostering strategic cooperation. The primary objective of this collaboration is to drive integration and innovation within the science and technology industry, infusing vitality into the technology-enabled sectors of both entities.

2. Deepening Synergies And Facilitating The Development Of Science And Innovation

TusStar (Malaysia) officially presented certificates to 25 mentors, encompassing prominent figures in the domain of science and technology innovation, along with 40 panel judges and 25 token presenters. The distinguished identities of these individuals are anticipated to make substantial contributions to the progress of scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Their active involvement is expected to yield enhanced high-quality services and support for innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises. Remarkably, the event marked the culmination of the annual Pitching Crush, a series of roadshow activities conducted across Southeast Asia. In this competition, 10 companies emerged victorious, earning the esteemed title of "Enterprise of the Year."

3. Facilitating Business Interaction and Technological Exchanges

The event successfully convened a distinguished gathering of key stakeholders to facilitate expanded business interactions and technological exchanges. With the participation of nearly 3,000 individuals representing over 200 government agencies, investment institutions, industry leaders, and eminent figures from diverse sectors globally, the event received extensive coverage from more than 130 domestic and international media outlets. Notably, media coverage included prominent entities such as the Embassy of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia (MOSTI). The event's impact reached 24 countries in Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, and beyond, resulting in a media exposure of nearly 1 million. This widespread and influential coverage has generated extensive and far-reaching attention to the event's activities and presence.

Other Details

Registration Link

On the morning of March 6, the summit will exclusively offer 250 Premium passes, available for purchase until January 31 at the early price of RM68 by entering TUS20. The number of places is limited, and admission will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. If the number of places is full, registration will be closed in advance. Interested parties can use the links below to register for the forum.

Contact Information

Ellie Soo

Executive Chairman of 2nd China-Malaysia Science & Technology Innovation Summit 

WeChat: Smli53

Mobile: +6018-940 2282

Yvoone Soon

Executive Vice Chairman of 2nd China-Malaysia Science & Technology Innovation Summit 

WeChat: yvoone28_

Mobile: +6013-2591819

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