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MEDAC Invites TusStar Malaysia to Dialogue Session with 59 Malaysian Entrepreneurial Associations.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 10. The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) organized a ”Sesi Dialog Persatuan Usahawan” (Entrepreneurship Associations Dialogue Session) to create a platform for Malaysian government departments and entrepreneurial organizations to understand the challenges of entrepreneurs in Malaysia and to provide a wealth of information on policies and incentives to facilitate the rapid development of SMEs in response to the 12th Malaysia Plan.

59 government organizations and entrepreneurial associations were invited to the dialogue, including MDEC, IWEM, PIKOM, and the International Women Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (IWEM). These include the Digital Economy Development Council of Malaysia (MDEC), International Women Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (IWEM), Computer and Multimedia Industry Association of Malaysia (PIKOM), Digital Marketing Association of Malaysia (DMAM), National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM), Secretariat of Buses Malaysia (SGBM), and SMEs Corporation Malaysia、Immigration Department of Malaysia and others to participate in the dialogue and speak for the Malaysian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

TusStar Malaysia was invited as the only representative of the China-Malaysia entrepreneurship entity to participate in the discussion, which was also the first Malay dialogue that TusStar Malaysia was invited to participate in. Our Project Executive, Shiny Janice was given the opportunity to share input on behalf of TusStar Malaysia by recommending the government to focus and support funded market access programmes to upgrade SMEs to cross-border business, it will accelerate the growth and development of SMEs to the world.

Shiny Janice with Datin Suriani Abdul Rahman, Head of Corporate Communications Department of the Ministry of Enterprise Development Malaysia

During the dialogue session, MEDAC Minister YB Tan Sri Noh Haji Omar asserted that the dialogue was an initiative to gain insights into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and to address the problems encountered during the pandemic by rallying all relevant sectors and organizations in a face-to-face manner to give effective solutions to each issues. The Minister also expressed his most sincere gratitude to those who are fighting for the benefit of the country and paid his highest respect to the government and related institutions for their contribution to the development of the country. Thereafter, the "Entrepreneurs' Association Dialogue" will become an annual event.

MEDAC Minister YB Tan Sri Noh Haji Omar

In total, the dialogue collected 35 memos from 59 groups, 42 of which were national government level organizations. The proposals outlined were automation and digital technology, monetary and property management systems, market access, standard operating procedures (SOPs), management authority, financial and other issues.

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