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MoU Signing Ceremony between Xiamen University Malaysia & TusStar Malaysia: Stepping into New Media

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 30 March 2021. A hybrid (online + offline) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between TusStar Malaysia and Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) took place in TusStar Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Associate Professor Dr. Wang Changsong, Head of Journalism and Advertising Programme of XMUM and Mr. Roy Lim Chee Hao, Project Manager of TusStar Malaysia signed the MoU in the presence of Mr. Muhammad Afiq Sukiman, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Internship of the XMUM Advertising Programme. Mr. Soh Chee Hong, Manager of Career Services Department of XMUM, Mr. Wang Fei, Deputy General Manager of TusStar and Ms. Ravenna Chen Yaohui, CEO of TusStar Malaysia by attending the signing ceremony virtually. Both parties will start a series of cooperation to expand the collaboration in the field of new media. XMUM will assist TusStar in bringing in talents and increase the local recognition of TusStar incubator brand with the professionalism and talent of XMUM students.

(from left to right) Mr. Roy Lim Chee Hao, Dr. Wang Changsong,

Mr. Muhammad Afiq Sukiman

Mr. Soh Chee Hong, Mr. Wang Fei, Ms. Ravenna Chen Yaohui

attended the ceremony virtually

TusStar Malaysia will leverage its’ global network to enable XMUM students to participate in TusStar’s national and international level flagship events, and will also provide internship opportunities for XMUM students to fully utilize their expertise.

MoU Signing Session

At the end of the signing ceremony, TusStar Malaysia presented a token of appreciation to thank the guests who attended the ceremony both virtually and physically as a sign of gratitude for marking the start of this collaboration.

Presentation of Token of Appreciation

TusStar has maintained a strong relationship with XMUM as a bridge between Chinese and Malaysian talents. In the past, TusStar Malaysia and XMUM have co-organized many innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and actively participated in the China-Malaysia Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, China-Malaysia Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and China "Internet+Student” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition as partners to accelerate the development of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as nurturing technology and entrepreneurial talents of XMUM. This signing ceremony will further develop the cooperation between both parties to work together more closely towards the common goal and further explore in the field of new media.

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