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[Soft Landing] Arbor Standard-The Leader of XR


- 9 Sep 2018 | Company registered in London, the initial team was incubated and formed by the Enterprise Lab at Imperial College London. 

- Nov 2018 | Company registration in HongKong, Arbor Standard Limited was incubated and incorporated

- Dec 2018 | Company registration in Shenzhen

- Jan 2020 | Arbor 3D Series was launched
Apr 2020  Company registration in Chengdu

- Jun 2020 | Arbor Standard named by the UK Creative Industries Council as one of the“ Ones to Watch 100” leading companies in the creative technology sector in 2020

- Sep 2020 | Won the second prize in the Shenzhen Nanshan Star of Entrepreneurship Industry Competition

- 2020 | China Scientist Forum Organizing Committee awarded Arbor Standard as a 2020 China Science and Technology Innovation Model Unit at the 17th China Scientist Forum

- Jan 2021 | Arbor Standard and Qiao Cheng Hui sign strategic cooperation agreement

- Aug 2021 | Arbor Standard and China Carbon Energy enter into a strategic partnership and officially open the Energy Data Security (London) Joint Lab and the China Carbon Energy office in London


Arbor Standard and Southeast Asia

General Information

Recently, Arbor Standard has successfully soft landed in Southeast Asia, and built a team to provide local support in East Malaysia. Arbor Standard has also created immersive interactive roaming content for the Sabah Tourism Board, Sabah Ministry of Technology and Innovation. Beside that, they also launched a business platform for SMEs called “Earth Address”. Arbor Standard provides hardware and software solutions in addition to content creation services including panoramic roaming, video and live streaming, as well as training courses and technical support services.

Click on the video link below to get an immersive experience of the TusStar (Malaysia) office space and learn about the Immersive marketing business segment.

From joining the TusStar Malaysia soft landing program, Arbor Standard's business and partners will be able to expand throughout Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia in the near future. With its immersive marketing business segment, the company will be able to provide online immersive corporate communications and business presentations to companies in Southeast Asia. Through the capabilities of Cloud XR, they will be able to reach out to customers both in China and outside of China, especially those in the tourism industry, education and training, and those with a need to go abroad.

In addition, in the remote collaboration management business segment, they provide real-time panoramic live conference collaboration and IoT control for industrial customers, with application scenarios including remote inspection, technical diagnosis, auditing and training. The main target industries include manufacturing (remote factory inspection, technical support), energy (remote inspection, training) and agriculture (digital farms, unmanned farms).

Click on the video link below to get an immersive experience of the TusStar (Malaysia) office space and learn about the Immersive marketing business segment.

- PART Three -

Product & Services

Arbor Standard's core capability is its own cloud-based graphics processing and streaming links, the ultra-high definition, ultra-low latency technology derived from this capability. This technology enables two-way live streaming (dynamic interaction) in 8K with less than one second latency to create an immersive 3D communication tool.

Those achievement can be summarised in three main points below :


Internationalisation and local support >>

With an international perspective, we bring the latest technology and the best commercialisation models to our clients. We also work with local teams to reduce the barriers to entry for our clients and accompany them throughout the immersive digital upgrade process.


Self-developed products>>

Master the core technology, flexible combination, integration and privatisation, to meet the needs of all types of enterprise customers.


Cloud-edge-end software and hardware all-in-one solutions >>

Deep partnerships with terminal vendors and edge cloud vendors provide specially optimised and adapted software and hardware all-in-one solutions, providing users with a quick deployment, easy-to-use, one-step product experience.

In 2022, Arbor Standard launched their second system,” Arbor 3D Work”, an immersive remote assistance and management for the industrial sector, based on the capabilities of Cloud XR technology, with a bias towards various industrial sectors, facing scenario-based Cloud XR in areas ranging from smart cities and agriculture to energy and manufacturing. technology.

Their first system is Arbor 3D Life, launched in 2020, which is aimed at the consumer side of the meta-universe era of immersive marketing content creation, providing an application tool that can be easily operated by consumers like a PPT editor.

- About Arbor Standard -

Arbor Standard founded in 2018 and was incubated by Imperial College Enterprise Lab in London, UK,. Arbor Standard creates immersive interaction tools and remote collaboration solutions in the 'meta-universe' based on its self-developed XR RTE cloud-based engine. The products and services have been implemented in multiple locations around the world, enabling industry scenarios such as smart agriculture, telemedicine, industrial digital twin, emergency management, cloud tourism and 'meta-universe' digital marketing.

To date, the team has been awarded Ones To Watch 2020 Top 100 UK Creative Technology Industry Leaders and Made Smarter 2022 Top 50 UK Digital Manufacturing Leading Innovators. Not only do they have partners around the world, they also have offices in London, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Hong Kong etc.

To learn more about Arbor Standard, please visit their website:


SOURCE | Arbor Standard

WRITING | Chin Ting Sheng

EDITOR 丨Chin Ting Sheng

REVIEW | Ravenna Chen, Ellie Soo

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