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TusStar Malaysia was invited to a CNY Reception by the Penang Chief Minister Mr Chow Kon Yeow

On January 26, 2023, TusStar (Malaysia) was invited to attend the Chinese New Year Gathering of Penang Chief Minister Mr Chow Kon Yeow in Batang Kota District to build a local ecological circle in Penang. In his speech, Cao Guanyou expressed his welcome to us, and was happy to see the group worship activities held in Penang. He called on the people of Penang to unite to meet the challenges in the future and work together to revitalise the economy.

Group photo with Penang Chief Minister adjunct Batang Kota District Assemblyman Mr Chow Kon Yeow ^

Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang State, delivered a speech ^

Participants include Deputy Minister of Education adjunct MP of Tanjong; Mrs Lim Hui Ying, Penang Island Mayor You Rui Xiang, Penang Chinese Town Hall President Tan Sri Chen Kun Hai, Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce President Dato Sri Fang Yan Hua, Penang Chinese Town Hall Permanent Consultant Tan Sri Lim Yu Tang, Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Consultant Tan Sri Chen Guo Ping, Yang Berhomat Mrs Chong Eng MLB, Peng Wen Bao, Mr Jagdeep Singh Deo, Yang Shun Xing, Shun Yi Zhi, District state, state councillors, city councillors, representatives of government agencies, etc.

Group photo with Deputy Minister of Education adjunct MP of Tanjong; Mrs Lim Hui Ying ^

Group photo with Special Affairs Officer of the Chief Minister of Penang State; Mr Lau Keng Ee ^

Penang is located on the northwest side of the Malayan Peninsula and is also known as the "Eastern Silicon Valley". Malaysia accounts for 13% of the global back-end semiconductor industry, while Penang accounts for 8%.

40% of the world's microprocessor assemblers' shipments come from Penang. Companies including Intel, Broadcom, Chuangli, Osram, and Western Digital (Western Digital) are all based in Penang.

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